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The 5 Most Luxurious Dog Products You’ve Ever Seen

What makes a pampered pooch? With their big eyes and fluffy tails, it’s hard not to go a bit overboard on spoiling our beloved fur babies. The chances are that you are not alone in your obsession with making Fido bark with joy, however, these 5 luxurious dog products are a whole new level.

You’ll be sighing in relief to know that the money you spent on matching blankets for you and your dog, won’t have broken your bank quite as much as these items would:

1. Why Wear Matching Jumpers When You Can Wear Matching Ballgowns

Many of us are partial to putting our furry friends in jumpers and jackets, you know, because it’s cute (and totally not at all to do with the cold). It turns out though, that we have all been missing the golden opportunity to glide around town in stunning, bespoke ballgowns. Out with the wool and in with the silk. Furdrobe created this stunning at a whopping $40,000, but if you are going to dress up, you might as well do it right.

2. If You’ve Been Put In The Doghouse, Make It Fit For The Hamptons

Nothing says luxury like the Hamptons, the place for all of the A-listers, so why shouldn’t your little one be included? You already knew that Fido was star quality, and what better way to remind the world, than to get him his own mortgage. Rockstar Puppy Boutique just created the home of your dreams for only £23,352, inspired by , ready to be customised to your every desire, except, there is only room for one and that one, has paws.

3. When Calling Your Dog A Princess Becomes A Way Of Life

Do you have a habit of calling your fur baby a Princess, so much that you’ve forgotten her name? You may even have named your pooch Princess, no judgement here. If you can no longer stand to see your pride and joy being celebrated as anything less than royalty, you can always consider a by Diamond Dogs. It may set you back a few hundred, but you’ll never lose sight of your royal darling again, but maybe leave it at home if you’re going on a walk to the local park.

4. When The Dogs Dinner Becomes The Envy Of All

When dinner time comes, you may find yourself with a turned up nose because you accidentally picked up the salmon meal for your ravenous hunter. However, you could probably put anything in these extravagant by Glamour Mutt and it would still look better than your dinner. Leaving you just short of £80 for one large bowl, how could you miss such a bargain (you could even get one for yourself). Who said the dog's dinner had to be a bad thing?

5. If Those Paws Need A Rest, Accept Only The Highest Quality Transport

We’ve all been there, sometimes our furry friends do not want to play ball and they decide that walking, is just not as exciting today. If you don’t feel up to carrying your fur child over the shoulder like usual, don’t worry, Louis Vuitton can help, with their for just a mere £1,9200. It’s the perfect dog carrier for anyone who plans to play in the next production of Legally Blonde. Or for any pooch who expects nothing but the best.

No matter how you chose to look after your sweet fur babies, all that matters is that you do your best and ensure that they are always spoiled with love every day, regardless of the price tag. Though most of us will be looking for more affordable prices, check out some of our dog products


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