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Teenager Uses Cats as Target practice

Some people are beyond any understanding. Anyone who feels the need to shoot a cat for no reason at all is extremely worrying. If they shoot seven cats then they are mentally ill, a serious menace and a feline serial killer. Teenager Franky Mills attacked seven pets in a 12-day period and has now been jailed, but not for long enough!

Surrey Shooter


Franky Mills shot seven cats in Surrey with his airgun. His first target was a family pet called Bomber who he shot in the neck.


His next victim was Ruby who he also shot in the neck. The poor cat’s injury was so severe that she had to be put down. To make matters worse, her body was later exhumed as forensic tests were required to support the police investigation into the attacks.


Four Shootings in One Day


On the same day that Mills shot Ruby he attacked three other cats. One of these he shot through a window and he shot a pair called Coco and Pebbles in the eyes. One week later Mills turned his attention to Dexter in Guildford and shot the cat twice in the leg. The day after that he continued his rampage by attacking a cat which was sitting by its owner’s front door. The resulting leg injury was so severe that the leg had to be amputated.


Catching a Killer


Mills was eventually identified as the assailant and charged with seven counts of criminal damage and possession of a firearm. His capture was the result of a witness coming forward and they have been given a £2,000 reward by the animal rights campaign group PETA.


The Court Hearing


When Mills’ case came to court, one of his victim’s owners submitted a statement which was read out in the court. In this she explained the extreme distress that the attack on her pet had caused her son. She said "The person who shot our cat has changed our family forever and this is something I will never forgive or forget."


Mills at least had the good grace to plead guilty and was sentenced to two years in jail. The police felt that the case and the resulting sentence demonstrated that both they and the courts take such crimes extremely seriously.


This was an extremely horrific serial crime which would send shudders down the spine of any pet owner. Particularly as young people who abuse animals have a tendency to escalate their activities as they age. Many of the world’s most notorious serial killers and serial rapists have been found to have abused animals before moving on to attacking people. Franky Mills should certainly remain on the Police radar when he is released from prison.


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