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Tardar Sauce the Internet Sensation

Disabled Cat becomes Internet Sensation

Tardar Sauce is a Snowshoe Siamese cat from America with dwarfism which has become possibly the most famous feline on the planet. Her celebrity lifestyle began when her owner’s brother posted a picture of the seemingly miserable moggie on Reddit because he was amused by her scowling face. The photograph went viral and Tardar Sauce soon gained the moniker Grumpy Cat.

The Adorable Misery

Grumpy Cat is now a worldwide star and has raised the profile of cats with
disabilities.  She is living proof that you should consider adopting a cat with challenges as she is really quite adorable. She has also turned into a money making machine. Fans can invest in a variety of Grumpy Cat merchandise and the dwarf moggie is now worth a reported $100 million!

Grumpy Cat on Tour

Grumpy Cat regularly tours around to meet her fans and visited the UK for the first time last week. Fans queued for up to 5 hours outside HMV Oxford Street in London to grab the chance to meet her. The crowds were given Grumpy Cat masks as they waited and were then able to snap selfies with the cute kitty. The visit was organised to promote a children’s book featuring the moggie and the launch of a new clothing range. One wonders which Grumpy Cat products will be available next!

Pampered Puss

The incredibly pampered cat was seated on a pedestal in a highly air conditioned room so that fans could be introduced to her. Her meet and greet sessions last for only two hours after which she takes a rest. Grumpy Cat is now her owner’s full time career. The cat has a brother called Pokey who also suffers from dwarfism but he is much more frisky and not so suited to meeting strangers. Apparently he is the real grump in the family. Tardar Sauce is actually a happy cat whose amusing frown is caused by an under bite related to her dwarfism.

Celebrity Lifestyle

Grumpy cat is now four years old, travels everywhere first class and gets to stay at the best hotels. She has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, 400,000 on Twitter and has appeared as herself in a TV movie. Videos of Grumpy Cat have garnered over 35 million views on YouTube.


Is Your Cat a Star?

If your cat is unusual in any way or is just unbelievably cute then you could have a star on your hands. Your cat could also prove to be a valuable source of income. It takes dedication and a concerted marketing campaign to transform your moggie into an internet sensation but it can be done. Grumpy Cat is an extreme example of what can be achieved but cats can help you to become a multi-millionaire.





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