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Strange Things You Can Do For Your Pet

We all love our pets, but some of the things we buy them can be a little odd. We just can’t help spoiling them and treating them as members of the family. Many people go to extreme lengths to ensure their pets are sufficiently pampered. Trying to keep our pets happy and healthy is one thing, but spoiling them rotten is another. How much do you spoil your pet? We want to hear some of the strange and extravagant things you do for your pets, feel free to share your stories below.


Here are some things that pet owners do for their pets.



The online dating scene is hugely popular these days, but not just for people. There are actually dating website for pets. People can set their pets up on dates and even put on a fake wedding for the happy couple! Check out this dog dating website


Pet parties

Lots of people arrange parties for their dogs, for their birthdays or just for a doggy get together! They make dog friendly birthday cake and treats and even play birthday themed games.


Chefs for pets

Not only do some people cook high quality home made meals for their pets, they also hire professional chefs. Chefs come and make gourmet meals for ridiculously pampered pets.


Pet toiletries

Yes, believe it or not you can get toiletries for pets. From top of the range shampoo’s and shower gels to toothbrushes and toilet paper for dogs.


Leave them lots of money in your will

Some people leave extremely large amounts of money for their pets in their will. This ensures that their pets will be completely pampered and well looked after when their owner passes.


Have a custom made home built

There are a select few building companies that will design a bespoke custom built pet area within your home. This includes things like a shower, a pet bed and flat screen TV’s. Some dog owners are also happy to splash out on luxury dog houses that are built for their dog in their garden.


Personal trainers for dogs

With pet obesity being a big problem, it’s completely understandable that some pets might need a personal trainer. If your pet is getting a little too overweight you can get them their very own personal trainer to help them shed the pounds.


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