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Staying in dog-friendly accommodation - top tips

Thinking of going on a trip and can’t bear the thought of leaving your furry companion at home? Well not to worry, there are plenty of hotels out there that can accommodate you and your four-legged friend.

Staying in an unfamiliar place with your dog might sound stressful, but it doesn’t need to be if you do a little research and come prepared. With that in mind, here are some top tips we suggest for making your stay – and your pooch’s – as fun and relaxed as possible:

Make sure your dog is prepared for travel

Firstly, are they in good shape to travel? If your doggie is pregnant, feeling poorly, or recovering from an injury, maybe it’s best for them to skip the trip this time and stay tucked up at home. If your pet is OK to travel, check it’s got up-to-date identification and contact information on its collar, and make sure it is properly toilet trained. You don’t want to be cleaning dog poop off the plush hotel carpet.

Check the hotel pet policy

When you make your hotel reservation, let them know you’ll be staying with your dog and ask for their pet policy to make sure it is dog friendly. These policies range from place to place, but will generally advise on whether there’s a fee for bringing in your dog, any restrictions on breeds or size, whether you can leave them alone in the room, which parts of the hotel they can enter, etc. Read through the policy carefully and make note of the important points.

Book the right room

Getting a room on the ground floor is best: your dog won’t have to deal with lifts or stairs, toilet trips outside will be easier, and if your pooch gets a bit excited and starts bouncing around the room, you won’t disturb any guests below. As soon as you get into the room, check to make sure there’s nothing within reach that could hurt your dog, or that it will want to chew on. Get your pet familiar with the space, and then take them out for their first toilet break outside so they understand where to go potty.

Pack for your pet

Check with the hotel what you need to bring for your pet. Pet-friendly accommodations usually provide a dog bed, a bowl, and some treats, which will save you some from bringing them with you, but remember to bring other items your dog might need. Definitely pack some chew toys to keep your pup from chewing something it shouldn’t. Bringing some familiar toys or blankets from home will also help your dog feel more at ease in its new surroundings.

Plan your time with and without your canine companion

Depending on the hotel’s pet policy, you might be able to leave your dog unattended in your room. If you do, try to keep it to a minimum, as your dog might get spooked and anxious by unfamiliar noises. Leave your mobile number with reception so they can call you in case your dog starts barking or howling, and put the “Do Not Disturb” on the door so that no one knocks or opens the door and unknowingly startles your dog.

If you can’t leave your pet in the room, do some research on whether there are dog sitters and dog walkers are available in the area. You’ll also want to find dog-friendly cafes, restaurants, and parks so you and your best friend can explore the area and enjoy the trip together.


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