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Small Dogs That Think They Are Large Dogs

Some small dogs just really don’t know their real size. For some reason, even though they are much smaller than most other dogs they still seem to think they really are a big dog. Even though they stand no chance against other large dogs in a fight, they will still try and push their luck. Some of the smallest dogs will often confront very large dogs without a hint of fear.

Small dogs often get away with much more than big dogs. They need a firm trainer and must not be allowed to rule the house. If they are left to their own devices and aren’t shown who is boss they can often develop what is known as ‘small dog syndrome’. Small dog syndrome is where a little dog thinks they are the boss and ends up displaying very undesirable behaviours.


Small dogs are often seen as fashion accessories, many end up being tucked into hand backs and completely spoilt. However, small dogs such as chihuahuas do not always benefit from this kind of treatment. They actually have a lot of energy to burn and don’t always get the chance to have the exercise they need. Therefore they end up with a lot of energy they need to get rid of. Don’t make the mistake of getting a small dog and think it won’t need much exercise.


Some tiny dogs may look extremely small, but what they lack in size they make up for in personality. Many little dogs can be extremely brave and will let the big dogs know that they don’t own the place. Although there are lots of smaller breeds that display this kind of behaviour, here are a few breeds that tend to think they are bigger than they actually are:


Mini Schnauzer

Mini Schnauzer’s definitely have a big personality. They can be quite vocal little dogs and will let their owners know if any strangers approach. They are very loyal and tough little dogs who like to make their presence known and are often happy to take on larger dogs if necessary. They are certainly not delicate little dogs and can stand up for themselves.



Chihuahua’S are extremely popular little dogs that fall into the handbag dog category. Despite their tiny size they can often be seen standing their ground and even putting bigger dogs in their place. They are actually the smallest breed of dog in the world but they do not believe this is the case.



Pugs are fearless little dogs that have a lovely nature. They have bags of character and are occasionally a little mischievous. Pugs don’t always seem to realise their size when they are in the dog park with lots of other dogs. They can often be seen playing with dogs that are much larger than them.


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu’s are very sweet little dogs who also fall into the category of thinking they are big dogs. They are happy to get stuck in with dogs of all shapes and sizes and can be surprisingly agile. They make excellent companions as they enjoy being lapdogs and getting lots of love and attention.



Westies are bold little terriers. They are stocky and strong for their size and some are surprisingly fearless. They can often be quite stubborn and strong willed and need confident owners to keep them under control. They also tend to think they are far bigger than they really are.


Jack Russel

Even though they are quite small, you wouldn’t want to mess with a jack russell. They were bred as working terriers so they have a lot of energy to burn. They need a lot of exercise and tend to bark a lot if they get bored. They are also very tenacious and certainly will not hesitate to have a go at a big dog should they feel threatened.


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