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Small Animal Bedding, a Top Five Guide.

There are some aspects of pet ownership which seem pretty straightforward, often because  they are. After all, as the old saying goes, if it isn't broken etcetera. Then again, you may  well be paying too much for a product which doesn't quite fulfil the specific needs that you  and your pet have to the very best extent without even knowing it. Usually this is simply a  result of getting too comfortable with a product which seems to do the job, even though  there are better and more affordable options out there which you might not even have  heard of. Well, in a bid to ensure that this isn't an issue which affects you, or if it does, one  that will no longer affect you in the same way, here is a small countdown of the best  products in regard to small animal bedding.

At number five is perhaps the most common of all bedding options, barley straw. A very effective product without doubt, and one which is eco-friendly, barley straw has been used without qualm by many for long periods of time but that doesn't mean that there are no better options out there on the market at the minute. Take our number four for example; hemp bedding. Though this item is slightly more expensive than traditional straw bedding (which is why it only makes it to number four on our list), hemp bedding is not only incredibly soft, it is also hugely absorbent. Taking up the third place spot on our list is universal bedding, a product which is available under the Smartbedz brand name. As the name suggests, this highly pliant product does everything that's required of good value bedding, but even this fine product can perhaps be bettered.

At number two in our list are wood based beddings developed with a fresh pine smell incorporated directly into the material, making for a much better smelling bedding than you may be used to and one which is designed with the removal of urine smells in mind. But our number one spot is reserved for a snazzy product known as Megazorb bedding. This product is famously four times more absorbent than wood shavings, making for great economic sense; something which shouldn't be overlooked at the minute. So, here are your options folks and thankfully, all of these fine items are available at the GJW Titmuss website, along with full specifications on each product.


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