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Signs You Have Entered A Dog Friendly Home

A Dog Friendly Home?

When you walk into some houses, you instantly know that they are home to a dog. You don’t have to see the dog to know that it’s a dog friendly home. Doggy people tend to have similar stuff in their house. They also have to deal with some of the things that dogs do.

If you are thinking of getting a dog one of the things you need to understand is your home won’t be perfect. Those who are extremely house proud probably shouldn’t get a dog. Here are a few obvious signs you have entered a dog friendly home.

You can see signs of dog hair

A major clue that a dog lives in the house you are visiting is signs of dog hair. Not all dogs malt, but a lot of dogs do, and their hair gets absolutely everywhere. There might be hair on the carpet and sofa and even on the dog owner.

The carpets are a bit worn

Carpets tend to get worn down by dogs from when they play inside the house and run around. There’s no point getting brand new carpets if you are thinking of getting a new dog. Some dogs will even chew and scratch the carpets, and occasionally have the odd accident.

There are dog treats in every cupboard

Wherever you look you find dog treats They are stored in every cupboard, in bags and in coat pockets. Dog owners can’t resist having tons of tasty treats for their beloved pooch.

There are dog toys lying around everywhere

You might trip over a few dog toys during your visit to a dog friendly home. Even if owners try to put them away, dogs will get their toys out and leave them all around the home.

There is a faint smell of dog

As much as dog owners try to mask the smell of dog in their home, it’s impossible to get rid of. Homes that have dogs living inside them are bound to smell slightly different. However, if you have dogs yourself you probably won’t even notice the smell.

In the coat cupboard you find walking boots, wellies and a raincoat

Most dog owners will have the necessary equipment to walk their dog. You need a reliable raincoat and a good pair of wellies to get your through muddy dog walks.

When you arrive you are greeted by lots of barking

You can hear a dog barking from outside the house, so you know when you enter you will be greeted by a pooch.

The garden has the odd hole in it

Some dogs like to dig holes in the garden, which leaves it looking rather uneven. Watch out for holes in the garden during your visit to a dog friendly home.


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