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Should You Get Another Dog?

For those people who are nuts about dogs, having one sometimes just isn’t enough. You thought you would be perfectly happy with one but you still find yourself searching for puppies or rescue dogs every day. It is so tempting to get another dog, but it is not a decision that should be taken lightly.


There are lots of things to consider first. You need to understand that it will be double the responsibility and make sure it is the right decision for you and your existing dog. Here are some things you might want to think about.


Added costs and things to think about



You will have to buy double the food, so if you normally spend £20 a month for example, you need to be prepared to shell out £40. That’s a big jump. How much extra food you need to buy will also depend on the type of dog you get including their size and age.


Daycare/dog sitting costs

If you go away for the weekend, overnight or on holiday then boarding costs will be twice as much. Some places do discounts for two dogs but this is rare. You will probably end up having to spend around £40 a day. This is also an important consideration if you work and regularly use a daycare facility.


Insurance & vet bills

Your monthly pet insurance payouts will significantly increase if you have more than one dog. You need to make sure both dogs remain healthy so expect to pay more for vet visits and pet insurance.



You will need twice the amount of supplies. Both dogs will need things such as a dog bed, toys, and a collar and lead.



Two dogs will take up more time. However, a lot of the things you have to do for both dogs such as walking and feeding them, you would have to do for one anyway. An additional dog just might demand more of your attention depending on their breed and temperament.



You will definitely need more space for two dogs. Make sure that your home is large enough to have two dogs running around. You will also need a secure, enclosed garden that is big enough for them to get a bit of exercise.



Some dogs need to be groomed regularly. Depending on what breed of dog you get, you might have to spend a lot of time grooming them or pay for regular appointments at the groomers. This is something you need to consider before getting another dog.



Dogs don’t always get along, so you need to make sure you get two dogs that are well matched. The last thing you want is your existing dog to be bullied or made to feel uncomfortable by the new dog, or vice versa. Introduce the dogs slowly and get them to meet beforehand and spend some time together before you make a decision.



You need to be aware that if you get a new dog then your existing dog could get jealous. They will go from getting all the attention to having to share your love with another dog. Some dogs won’t be bothered in the slightest whereas others might get a bit frustrated.


Copying behaviours

When you have two dogs they will often copy each others behaviours. If one of your dogs has a bad habit then the other dog is likely to copy it.



Do you have enough space to transport two dogs? They will take up a lot of room in your car and need to be adequately restrained.


The benefits of owning two dogs


  • Companionship
  • Socialisation
  • They tire each other out
  • Great for dog lovers
  • Very entertaining
  • They can play together
  • They learn from each other (good things as well as bad)
  • Walks are more fun
  • You have more protection for your family and home


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