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Should You Get A Male Or Female Dog?

Some people prefer having one particular gender of dog. They might have grown up with either male or female dogs, or simply prefer the traits of one or the other. There are pros and cons to having both male and female dogs, and often it comes down to your personal preferences. Dogs and bitches can have different personality and behavioural traits, it’s difficult to understand the difference until you have owned both.

Sometimes owners have to choose a dog or a bitch specifically because their current dog only gets on with a specific gender. It’s important to note that this is very general information and every dog is different. Although dogs and bitches are more likely to display certain traits, it doesn’t apply for all dogs.

Everyone knows the age old saying ‘If you want a good dog, get a male. If you want a great dog, get a female and cross your fingers.’, but it’s difficult to prove whether or not it rings true. Dogs have only recently become a serious animal to study from a scientific perspective, and there isn’t a great deal of research specifically on gender.

Breeders will probably tell you that there is a bigger difference between the personalities in different dogs than there is between the sexes. Don’t get sucked into gender stereotypes too much, it’s more about whether an individual dog is a good fit for you rather than whether they are a bitch or a dog.

If you are wondering what genders to pair together sex is important, but the personality of the dogs will be the main factor as to whether they get on. Generally speaking, more problems can arise with same sex pairings, but this is not always the case. If you end up getting a dog and a bitch, nearly always, the bitch ends up ruling the house.

If you are having a tough time deciding then here are the main (extremely generalized) traits of both male and female dogs.


  • Can be more reliant of human attention/more affectionate
  • Urinate a lot more than females
  • Can remain juvenile for longer
  • More likely to run off
  • Less focused
  • Can do better in some dog competitions
  • Usually larger and have more energy


  • Can be more independent
  • Urinate a lot less than males
  • Are less easily distracted
  • Can reach maturity faster
  • Can be prone
  • Give affection on their terms
  • Usually smaller than males
  • Easier to house train


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