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Should Dogs Be Allowed On The Sofa?

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There are many things that dog owners like to debate over. Dog training tends to ignite quite a few arguments, because people have such differing opinions. When training your dog, you can take other people’s opinions on board, but ultimately what you do with your dog is up to you. One thing thing that a lot of dog owners disagree over is whether dogs should be allowed on the sofa.

Some people think that’s it’s totally fine to let your dog on your sofa, whereas others think it is a really bad idea. The arguments for letting your dog on the sofa include the fact that you can give them a good old cuddle and your dog can snuggle up close to you. It’s also obviously very comfy for them, as a lot of dogs will try to sneak onto the sofa at every opportunity. Dogs that are allowed on the sofa feel part of the family.

People who argue against letting dogs on the sofa either feel it is unhygienic, or that it goes against dog training principles. Dogs can get very muddy and dirty, and sometimes they have parasites that can get onto your furniture. They can spread germs and make your sofa really dirty. If you have a light coloured sofa and let your dog on it, you will find it has all sorts of stains on it in no time. It’s surprising just how dirty things get when a dog is around.

Some owners feel that dogs should know their place in the pack, and that they should not be on the sofa because they are not equal to us. By letting them on the sofa you give them more control, and they can do as they please. They believe there are boundaries and rules and that dogs should know where they are and aren’t allowed to go in the home.

Whatever your personal opinion, you shouldn’t judge other dog owners for the way they do things (unless there are welfare issues). For some people, letting their dog on the sofa is completely fine and they don’t have a problem with it. Those who see it as a bad idea shouldn’t force their views on others.

What do you think? Should dogs be allowed on the sofa? Do you let your dog sleep in bed with you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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