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Sheba Cat Food for a Fussy Eater

Will My Cat Eat Sheba Cat Food this Week?

I have written about my cat’s eating habits before but he has recently taken pedantry to a whole new level. He seems to be getting pickier with every week that passes so I have been investing in progressively more expensive brands of cat food. It was becoming increasingly difficult to satisfy his refined palate. Felix was rejected in favour of Sheba cat food and then we moved on to Gourmet Gold. Now even that is being rejected. I became so exasperated that I bought Felix again this week to spite him. But guess what? He ate it!


Fun and Games

Naturally I am delighted that I have managed to please his majesty. I am even happier that I am not scraping plate after plate of cat food into the bin because I hate waste. The trouble is, I am certain that if I serve up Felix again next week it will be rejected. Either his royal highness needs variety or he is behaving like this deliberately to make life awkward for me. The latter is more likely!

Life on Camera

I have often heard people say that they would like a cat cam for their pet so they can see what their furry friends are getting up to. I am sure that my cat would like me to wear a Go Pro so he can see the agonies I go through when I am choosing his food. I always end up surveying all those sachets and tins over and over again trying to decide what to do. It takes longer to buy the cat food than it does to do the rest of the weekly shop!

Begging for Treats

To make matters worse, every time I leave my desk to go to the kitchen I am greeted by a wailing session. If I ignore him he just gets louder and louder. I try to resist the temptation to give him any treats because he needs to know that he can’t control me. But the truth is that he does! Eventually his moaning becomes so intensely annoying that I give in and out comes the tin of Sheba cat food or whatever brand we are trying at the time.

In order to ensure that I am completely exasperated he will then sniff the food and walk off in disdain. He often sneaks back to the food when I have left the room. He absolutely cannot eat anything when I am there because that would be admitting that he likes it. He couldn’t possibly make such an admission because I am sure he is trying to demonstrate that only the best steak will do.

I have two days to decide which cat food to buy for next week. Should I revert to Sheba, would Whiskas be a winner or would it be best to try something new? God knows but it might not be an issue anyway. If he moans at me just once more today I will probably have to kill him. Now that would solve the problem wouldn’t it?


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