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Senior Dog Food for Older Dogs

I am well used to looking after my friend’s dog. Charlie is always friendly and well-behaved and so time spent with him is a pleasure. If my friend is away I simply pop over from time to time to put down some food and then at tea time we go for a nice walk in the park.

A couple of years ago my friend’s sister was visiting and they were going out for the day. This time there would be three dogs to walk and feed. No problem, or so I thought.

Barking Heads, Biscuits and Senior Dog Food

Each dog had a special diet which meant that I had to present the right meal to each animal and then keep them apart whilst they ate. Charlie was to enjoy his usual Barking Heads dog food with a few biscuits. Taz had to eat senior dog food because she required a low protein diet and Cassie would apparently only eat Eukanuba senior dog food. No complications there then!

Getting the Needle

To make matters worse, Cassie was diabetic and I would have to administer an insulin injection!

I was paranoid about making a mistake. I was reassured to hear that the consequences of feeding the wrong food to the wrong dog would be confined to disdainful looks and a refusal to eat. The insulin injection was another matter! I wouldn’t have been so worried if Taz and Cassie hadn’t looked so very similar.

I walked over to the house with some trepidation but my endeavours were successful. The dogs ate their dinners with relish and I was convinced that I had injected the right animal. Time for a walk!

Triple Trouble

I am sure that walking three of your own dogs or at least dogs that you know is a simple matter. It isn’t when the dogs have never met you and are wondering who the hell you are. Especially when you have just stabbed one of them with a hypodermic needle!

The beginning of the walk was somewhat chaotic. I had dogs trying to go in three different directions and at three different speeds. The leads became tangled and I wondered if I was even going to make it to the end of the road.
After a while everything settled down and we made it to the park without incident. I then had to decide whether or not it was wise to let them off their leads. I knew that Charlie would come back but Taz and Cassie didn’t know me from Adam. In the end I let them all have a run around. Both Taz and Cassie were elderly and had seemed a little sluggish when we set off but they had now acquired a lot of energy from somewhere.

I began wondering what was in that senior dog food. No spring chicken myself I thought that I might benefit from a similar recipe!

The Trouble with Beagles

Everything was going really well in the park. The dogs were having a great time and didn’t seem bothered by the other dogs who passed by. Then a beagle appeared and Cassie took offence to it. I just grabbed her in time before she launched an attack. This didn’t seem particularly odd until later when we encountered a second beagle and she didn’t like that one either. I hadn’t realised that dogs could distinguish between breeds but Cassie clearly could.

The dogs all survived their day with me and so I had clearly injected the right animal. I never did get to the bottom of the beagle thing though and I haven’t yet tried that senior dog food!


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