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Ryanair Considering Allowing Pets On Flights

Should pets be allowed in aircraft cabins?

Taking your pet on a plane can be a stressful experience. Many pet owners find it very hard to leave their pet in a carrier and trust the airport staff to load them onto the plane and keep them safe. They are on their own for the duration of the flight, and some animals don’t cope very well with this.

Soon the way you travel with your pets could be about to change, if airline Ryanair go ahead with their proposed plans. They are currently considering allowing pets on board on some short haul flights. In the not so distant future you may not have to leave your pet at home, travel with them by car, or pay lots of money for a luxurious day care service.

Some airlines do allow smaller pets in the cabin including Delta, Virgin America and Air Canada. Others only allow pets to go in the hold, such as Thomson and Monarch.

Recently budget airline Ryanair announced they are thinking about allowing certain pets on short flights. They are doing this partly because of a need to improve their image, showing they can be flexible and provide a service that other airlines won’t even consider.

However, don’t get too excited, as they are only considering the option and it is nowhere near being implemented yet. It is just one of the many proposals the company is currently looking at. Ryanair are aware that not everyone will agree with these plans. Some people may not feel comfortable flying near or next to a pet.

Many people are allergic and some have phobias of specific pets, and certainly wouldn’t want to be near them for a whole plane ride. Chief Commercial Officer David O’Brien said ‘We are open to lots of suggestions, it's one we're looking at. It could be quite difficult. What makes one person happy would make another unhappy. But we'd be interested to hear what people think.’

These proposed plans will make a lot of people happy, and a lot of people unhappy. The question is, overall, would people vote in favour or not in favour? They need to convince the general public that this is a good idea, and explain exactly how it would work. We want to know what you think? Would you be happy to fly alongside pets in the cabin? What are your reasons for and against?


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