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Royal Doggie Treat Storm

Twitter Storm Erupts Over Royal Doggie Treat

It is impossible to do anything slightly questionable these days without inciting a Twitter storm and being tolled on Facebook. Whilst animal cruelty is detestable and those who perpetrate it deserve everything they get, innocent mistakes should perhaps be treated with a little more understanding. Having said that, one would expect the Royal Family to receive expert advice before they publish potentially incendiary photographs!


The Royal Birthday

To celebrate Prince George’s third birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released a collection of family photographs showing a very contented little prince. Sadly one of these is an appealing snap of Prince George feeding a Magnum Ice cream to Lupo, the family dog. The picture of the spaniel has sparked a raft of rather vicious tweets including one which suggests that the young Prince should be thrown in jail! He’s three years old for heaven’s sake!

Some of the tweeters should be glad that they live in the modern era and not just because they can spend their lives using social media. Calling the future king a "monarchist monster" as one person did, could have seen you beheaded for treason in the past!

The Royal couple have been lambasted for allowing their son to give their dog treats and in particular ice cream. Dairy products can certainly cause digestive issues in dogs and chocolate is toxic to dogs because it contains theobromine. However, the unsavoury tweets are clearly an overreaction. As far as I am aware, Lupo has survived the encounter with the chocolate coated lolly. Indeed it is unclear from the photograph whether the dog actually ate any of the offending item.

Treats to Avoid

If you wish to avoid harming your own dog or placing yourself in the firing line, then there are several foods which you should keep away from your pet. Dogs are lactose intolerant so all dairy products are off limits. Alcohol is problematic as it affects the liver and brain, not that this stops most people from drinking it! Avocado contains persin which is toxic for dogs in large quantities but it is unlikely that anyone would choose avocado as a dog treat. Onions and garlic, whether raw of cooked, cause anaemia in dogs.

Don’t offer your dog your hot beverages either because caffeine can cause rapid breathing, heart palpitations, tremors, fits and even death. Grapes and raisins can lead to kidney failure and the sweetener xylitol has been linked with liver failure. For the record, this is often found in confectionary, diet foods and cakes.

Looking at the list of dangerous foods for dogs it is easy to see how mistakes are made. There are many seemingly benign foods which could harm a dog and dogs will generally eat all of them with relish! It is better to be safe than sorry so stick to dog treats and dog food when you want to spoil your pooch. If you can’t resist giving him something which is just a little bit naughty, then don’t take a picture of it and send it to the national newspapers.


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