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Royal Canin Dog Food - Would You Eat It?

Would You Eat Your Pooch’s Dog food?

It might sound like a ridiculous question but would you be tempted to eat your dog’s food? Not because you are hungry but simply to see what it tastes like? Some pet owners do get curious and one of them is tennis star Serena Williams.


Italian Doggy Cuisine

Ms Williams was in Italy last week and was pleased to discover that her hotel in Rome was offering a dog food menu. She hadn’t bought her usual dog food with her and needed an alternative. We are not talking about your common or garden tins of dog food here or even premium and specialist brands like Royal Canin dog food. This hotel’s doggy deli was altogether a more a la carte experience!

Soup and Pasta

The canine menu featured rice and pasta dishes priced at up to €18 per serving and it was even possible to order doggy soup. Ms Williams decided to order salmon and rice for her little dog chip. As she also enjoys her salmon she tucked in to chip’s meal to see if it was tasty. It wasn’t! The gourmet dish did not appeal and actually made Ms Williams sick as dog!

Dog Food Like Household Detergent

Apparently the food looked pretty good so Serena ate a mouthful but two hours later she was hanging over her toilet. She was sweating and felt as if she might pass out. She had realised as soon as she took a mouthful that the food was not appropriate for people but it was too late. Bizarrely, she described it as being a little like detergent. One wonders how she would know that. Has she been eating her cleaning products as well?

Dog Food Lessons

I seriously doubt that the food tasted like cleaning fluid and the dog evidently loved it. This all sounds rather hilarious but there a couple of important lessons to be learnt here. The first of these is that, shock horror, dog food is for dogs. It is formulated to be palatable for pooches and to contain the correct canine nutrition. Presumably the hotel’s gourmet feasts were developed specifically for dogs’ needs and not for a tennis star’s. At least one would hope so for €18 a plate! At that price you would expect the perfect doggy meal.

The second lesson is perhaps a little less obvious. Just as dog food is bad for people, so human food can be inappropriate for dogs. All those treats do not contribute to dogs’ nutrition and will help them to pile on the pounds. Human food can actually even be incredibly harmful. Owners may think that they are being kind but they should leave the bacon in the fridge and reach for the bag of Royal Canin dog food instead. With good quality dog food you know that you are feeding your pet the right balance of nutrients and you can gain guidance from the packet as to how much of the food it is appropriate to feed each day.

I wonder if Serena Williams has tried Royal Canin? Perhaps she would find that to be more to her taste!


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