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Royal Canin – Brand Spotlight

Royal Canin products are made to the most stringent quality requirements to ensure absolute safety and exceptional nutrition. They believe that both dogs and cats deserve top quality nutrition in order to remain in top condition.

As a company, Royal Canin do a number of things to ensure they produce some of the best dog and cat food on the market. These include:

 -Selecting suppliers of raw materials in accordance with very stringent regulations and specifications

-Testing the quality of the ingredients before they are allowed in their products

-Using meat from animals which are known to be fit and healthy for human consumption

-The usage of a strict quality control procedure, from the minute the raw materials enter the factory right until to the packaging stage

-You can rest assured that there is complete traceability and identification of all ingredients used in Royal Canin products.

understand that no matter how nutritious the food is that they produce, it has to be equally attractive and easily eaten by pets. This means that they study each and every possible parameter of the kibbles used in their foods. This is to ensure that these products are as palatable as possible to the dogs and cats that eat it. As a company, they look at everything from raw materials, formulation, to the shape, size, texture and density of their kibble. In addition they look at the coating, smell and taste of their food, to find the most appealing formulation for their most important customers, cats and dogs.

Royal Canin products are packed in their exclusive airtight bags in an oxygen reduced atmosphere. This is to ensure flavour and nutritional quality is totally preserved. Using this costly method of packing (exclusive to Royal Canin) in association with hermetically sealed bags, ensures their products are always fresh.

Another aspect Royal Canin looks at when formulating their foods is the quality and effectiveness of the protein used in their food. They use L.I.P’s, which stands for ‘low indigestible proteins’. This means that only the best quality protein sources are used. It also means that over 90% of the protein has to be digestible and very easily assimilated into the body of a pet.

This expensive high quality protein is used to help reduce the amount of undigested remains reaching the colon of your pet. This is because if lots of protein is undigested, it can lead to an increase in fermentation and can result in soft and odorous stools.

Royal Canin’s innovation does not stop with the ingredients used. The breed, age and size of cats and dogs are also taken into account when they design their pet food kibbles.

The size, shape and texture of Royal Canin kibbles change according to the exact characteristics of the pet it is intended for. For example, siamese cats, who are renowned for picking up food with their tongue or teeth and eating extremely fast - have a tube shaped kibble with a special texture designed to encourage grinding, which helps to slow down the speed of eating and even helps maintain good dental hygiene. This clearly demonstrates Royal Canin's progressive philosophy.


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