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Rescue Dog or Puppy?

Rescue Dog or Puppy? The Big Question!

If there are so many dogs without a home in rescue centres and at the pound, then why do people still buy puppies? Some people want to get a specific pedigree breed, or are determined to get a super cute puppy. However, there are too many dogs that have been abandoned and surrendered through no fault of their own.

Thousands of dogs go into rescue every single day, yet people are still set on buying a puppy. If you are thinking of getting a dog, then at least consider whether you could offer a rescue dog a loving home. Here’s 10 reasons why everyone should get rescue dogs instead of puppies.

Rescue Dog or Puppy - Your Choice


  1. It’s rewarding

Getting a rescue dog is definitely rewarding. When your dog, who once had a few niggling problems shows huge signs of improvement, you feel really proud. You have worked hard to give them a second chance and turn them into a well loved, balanced pet. Even if your dog has no issues, the simple act of giving them a home is very rewarding. This alone should make you think about the choice of having a rescue dog or puppy!

  1. Puppies are hard work

It’s no secret that raising a puppy is hard work, and often compared to raising a child. You have to toilet train puppies and teach them everything. Rescue dogs often come with basic training. Getting a puppy is a huge commitment that should not be taken lightly.

  1. Puppies are expensive

There’s no doubt about it, puppies are very expensive. Pedigree puppies can be over £1000 to purchase. Then on top of this you need to buy them everything they need to stay healthy and happy such as beds, toys and puppy food. Rescue dogs usually cost between £50 and £300 depending on which rescue centre you get your dog from.

  1. There are so many rescue dogs needing homes

There are far too many unwanted dogs already. Give a rescue dog a home instead of getting a puppy. That’s one less dog getting stressed and upset in kennels because they don’t have a home to call their own.

  1. You build a special bond

All rescue dog owners will tell you that you build a very special bond with a rescue dog. It’s a different sort of bond to the one you would have with a puppy. It’s perhaps, more meaningful and stronger because you rescued them.

  1. You could save a life

You never know, if you get a rescue dog you could save a life. Many dogs are within a day or a few hours of being euthanised at the pound. Or they may have been seized as a neglect case, and nearly died in the process. Each rescue dog has a different story and many are hard to hear.

  1. It doesn’t fund the puppy farms

Some people unknowingly buy puppies from puppy farms. By getting a rescue dog you know you won’t be contributing to this problem.

  1. It helps fund rescue centres

It’s not easy running a canine rescue centre. There are huge costs to cover including kennels, equipment and also vet bills for injured and sick dogs. You usually pay a contribution fee towards a rescue dog, which helps go towards the costs of the rescue centre. Your money enables them to take on new rescue dogs and fund their charity.

  1. It’s a learning experience

You learn a lot from getting a rescue dog. It teaches you about canine behaviour and also to appreciate the dog that you have saved. It can be tough at times, but it’s all worth it in the end.

  1. You are doing a good thing

The bottom line is, when you take on a rescue dog you are doing the right thing.


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