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Reasons Why Running With Dogs Is Awesome

Running on your own can get pretty lonely, and sometimes a little boring. So why not bring Fido along, and you can both benefit from a workout? If you have a dog that loves nothing more than running for miles and miles, then channel all their energy by taking them on regular runs. Here’s seven reasons why running with your dog is pretty darn awesome.

You can get fit together

You and Fido can embark on a fitness mission. Perhaps your pooch needs to lose a few pounds, well jogging every week will certainly help. Running regularly is good for both owners and their dogs, and you can both take advantages of the numerous benefits.

Dogs can be great pacemakers

If you haven’t run with dogs before, when you go on your first run you will see how they can make excellent pacemakers. Dogs tend to jog along at the same sort of pace, so you can settle into their rhythm, which is much easier than trying to set your pace solo.

You get to explore new places together

If you want to cover a lot of ground on your runs, you will need to run to new places. This means you and your pooch will get to see lots of beautiful scenery and go lots of places together. Dogs often get a bit bored going on the same walks every day (as do us humans), so covering lots of new ground is great fun!

It improves your bond

Heading outdoors and pounding the pavements together is really great for your bond. Not only are you spending time together, but you are doing something your dog loves. Most dogs adore walks, but some dogs love runs with their owner even more!

Your dog makes you run faster

This does depend on what type of dog you have. Some dogs are super fast and can keep up a very quick pace for miles and miles. So if you’re trying to improve your times and run specific distances faster than your dog can definitely help with this. As long as they are super fit and active, they will naturally encourage you to run a little quicker than normal.

You can face challenges together

If you are really into your running, you can enter races and events with Fido. You could try doing Cani X, which are cross country races with dogs that are held across the UK. Or you could do some trail running together and explore some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain, and beyond.

You get an amazing feeling

There’s just something special about running with your dog. It feels like you are in sync and doing something great together. As soon as you head out for a run with your pooch you will see what we mean, and want to do it more often.

Getting Fit With Your Pooch

Dogs can really enhance your fitness routine, and help to keep you fit and healthy. Some days, when you don’t want to go out for a long walk or jog, your dog looks up at you and pesters you until you leave the house. Having a dog gives you a reason to get out and about and exercise.

Dogs have to be walked every single day, some several times a day, so that’s obviously going to boost your fitness regime. However, there’s far more you can do with your dog than simply walk or run with them. If you have just taken on a new dog and want to do lots of exercise with them, or you have high energy dogs, then here’s some ways you can wear both you and your pooch out.

Review your fitness levels

Before you jump in the deep end and begin your new fitness routine, take some time to think about your fitness levels and plan workouts accordingly. If your dog isn’t used to doing a lot of high intensity exercise, you should start by doing a little and building up. Consider your dog’s age, athletic ability and health before embarking on a fitness journey with them. The last thing you want to do is overdo it or cause injuries or health problems. Think about what sort of activities would suit you both, and gradually build up the amount of exercise you are doing.

Get into a routine

If you want to get fit with fido, you need to get into a routine. Decide what activities to do each week and you will start to get used to your new fitness regime. For example, you might decide to do one long run with your dog a week, as well as taking them to an activity like agility on top of all your usual walks. Plan in when you will be able to do exercise with your dog so that you can fit it around work. If you have set days where you plan to exercise with your best friend, you will be more likely to keep your workouts up.

Try different activities with your dog

As mentioned earlier, there’s so much more you can do with your dog than just go walking or running. There are more and more fun activities to try with your dog these days. Here’s a selection of physical activities you can do with your dog:

  • Agility - agility is a great way to get fit with your dog as you have to run round an obstacle course with them.
  • Flyball - more for your dog, but you can go out and do some active fetch with your dog to help them get used to retrieving balls.
  • Cani X - Cani X is basically cross country with your dog, you can take part in a series of races across the UK.
  • Doga (yoga with your dog) - yes, you can actually do yoga with your dog.
  • Hydrotherapy - this is mainly just for your dog, but you could go swimming afterwards too!
  • Dog friendly boot camp classes - some outdoor fitness bootcamp classes allow participants to bring their dogs. Your dog can run around and exercise whilst you do your fitness class.
  • Swimming in the sea together
  • Paddle boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Cross country skiing
  • Running
  • Hiking and trekking

Set goals for both you and your pooch. Just like you would if you were planning your own fitness goals, it’s worth doing some for your pooch. This will help to keep you motivated to get fit yourself, and also keep your dog on track.

Decide on short and long term goals for you and your dog such as doing three hours of exercise together a week to begin with, and perhaps increasing that amount as the months go on. If your dog needs to lose a few pounds, you could get them weighed at the vets, and ask your vet what would be an ideal target weight.

Review your nutrition

It’s also worth reviewing both you and your dog’s diets. If your dog is going to be doing lots of exercise with you, they need high quality food filled with lots of protein to help give them enough energy.

We sell Dog Food that’s specifically made for high energy dogs and pooches that do a fair amount of exercise. It’s definitely worth investing in a high quality diet for your dog to help them stay at their best. If your dog is overweight, you might want to review their diet including how many treats they get and what sort of food you are feeding them.

Remember not to feed your dog before you go out and exercise, feed them at least an hour beforehand.

Enter an event to keep you focused

Entering an event with your dog can give you a goal and help you to stay focused. It’s also a wonderful experience achieving something with your dog. For example, you could enter a Cani X (cross country with your dog) race, or aim to compete in an agility show.

Stock up on fitness equipment

There’s lots of equipment available that can help you get the most out of doing exercise with your dog. For example, if you intend to do agility with your dog, then you can get some agility equipment to use in your garden, or if you are doing Cani X, you will need to get a special Dog Harness that enables you to run comfortably with your dog.

What are you waiting for?It’s time to come up with your new fitness plan and get active with your best friend. Getting fit together will make you both healthier and strengthen your bond. Get started now and you just might be surprised by what you can achieve by getting fit with your dog.

Are Dog Fitness Trackers a Worthy Investment?

Losing a pet is always a harrowing experience and your pet may never be found, even if they have been fitted with a microchip. You could have to go through the soul destroying task of knocking on doors and printing posters in the hope of recovering your furry friend. But new technology could change all that.

Smart Collars

Smart collars feature built in GPS trackers which enable you to view your pet’s precise location on your mobile. If your dog runs off when you are out walking, escapes from your home or otherwise ends up where they shouldn’t be, you can locate them in seconds. The device will alert you if your animal strays beyond any boundaries which you have pre-set and you can track the movements of your pet if you are concerned about the performance of your dog minder or walker.

Monitoring Exercise

A pet tracker will mean that you can keep an eye on how much exercise your pet is really getting which will help you to keep them in the best of health and at the ideal weight. The device could provide the motivation you need to take better care of your pet. With Fitbark you can even sync your pet’s device with your own fitness tracker and also compare results with other animals of the same breed. So, a pet tracker sounds like a fabulous idea, but are their potential downsides to this technology?

A False Sense of Security

It is possible that pet trackers could lull owners into a false sense of security and encourage them to leave their animals alone for longer. This would not be beneficial for the pets, even if their location can be tracked. Taking care of an animal is not just a matter of ensuring that they are where they are supposed to be.

Pet tech and Contemporary Life

Pet trackers would be counter-productive if they simply make it more acceptable for owners to spend less time with their animals. Pet tech is a growing market and likely to play an increasing role in everyday life but should never replace one to one interaction with animals. It is a useful addition to your life for the times when you are forced to leave your pet unattended or with others but should never be viewed as a replacement for your presence.

In addition, pets may feel uncomfortable wearing the device, at least in the early days. Most will soon get used to the collars but there will be a period of acclimatisation. It should also be noted that the devices might not prove useful if your pet is stolen as the collar can be removed.


Used in the right way, pet trackers are useful devices which could enhance pet heath and safety whilst giving owners greater peace of mind. But they do present temptation. It could seem more acceptable to leave your pet unattended so the trackers must be used advisedly.


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