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Reasons Why Running With Dogs Is Awesome

Running on your own can get pretty lonely, and sometimes a little boring. So why not bring Fido along, and you can both benefit from a workout? If you have a dog that loves nothing more than running for miles and miles, then channel all their energy by taking them on regular runs. Here’s seven reasons why running with your dog is pretty darn awesome.

  1. You can get fit together

You and Fido can embark on a fitness mission. Perhaps your pooch needs to lose a few pounds, well jogging every week will certainly help. Running regularly is good for both owners and their dogs, and you can both take advantages of the numerous benefits.


  1. Dogs can be great pacemakers

If you haven’t run with dogs before, when you go on your first run you will see how they can make excellent pacemakers. Dogs tend to jog along at the same sort of pace, so you can settle into their rhythm, which is much easier than trying to set your pace solo.


  1. You get to explore new places together

If you want to cover a lot of ground on your runs, you will need to run to new places. This means you and your pooch will get to see lots of beautiful scenery and go lots of places together. Dogs often get a bit bored going on the same walks every day (as do us humans), so covering lots of new ground is great fun!


  1. It improves your bond

Heading outdoors and pounding the pavements together is really great for your bond. Not only are you spending time together, but you are doing something your dog loves. Most dogs adore walks, but some dogs love runs with their owner even more!


  1. Your dog makes you run faster

This does depend on what type of dog you have. Some dogs are super fast and can keep up a very quick pace for miles and miles. So if you’re trying to improve your times and run specific distances faster than your dog can definitely help with this. As long as they are super fit and active, they will naturally encourage you to run a little quicker than normal.


  1. You can face challenges together

If you are really into your running, you can enter races and events with Fido. You could try doing Cani X, which are cross country races with dogs that are held across the UK. Or you could do some trail running together and explore some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain, and beyond.


  1. You get an amazing feeling

There’s just something special about running with your dog. It feels like you are in sync and doing something great together. As soon as you head out for a run with your pooch you will see what we mean, and want to do it more often.


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