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Reasons Why Dog Gates Can Be Useful For Dog Owners

Is little Fido getting a bit too confident around the home?

Is he walking around like he owns the place (which he totally does)?

Our beloved dogs sometimes leave a trail of disaster wherever they go, leaving owners exacerbated at how their little angels have turned into little devils of destruction. Dog owners will know the stress of constantly having to tidy up their homes, multiple times in a day. There is only so much hoovering and pillow-fluffing that a person can take!

Have you considered an option which allows Little Fido space to roam, but within reason? It will give you back control of your palace, as well as some newly-found spare time, so you can take up a new hobby instead of constantly playing the housemaid! We have two words for you: Dog gates!

Safety For All The Family (And Friends)

We may think that our dogs are innocent little angels, but even the most good natured Little Fido can sometimes get a bit too excited. Maybe your friends are scared of dogs, or maybe you have a new addition in your family. A dog gate is great for separating Fido from situations where he’s maybe not able to behave properly yet, and the best part is that you don’t need to take your eyes off him. He’s not locked in another room, just through a barred gate.

Safety isn’t just for the humans in the household. Little Fido may need a knight in shining armour too (read - his owner with a dog gate)! For those times you’ve gone on a DIY spree, cooked a gourmet meal or decided to remove every speck of bacteria from your bathroom, dog gates can be a wonderful thing. You can protect Fido from anything that shouldn’t be going into his mouth or on his little paws, and save all your efforts from a rampaging Rex!

Freedom To Get Things Done

Have you ever been trying to complete a last-minute essay, or give the house a good clean before guests arrive, but Fido just won’t let you do anything other than pet him? Dogs can be incredibly distracting, but sometimes you cannot push those deadlines any further, or choose to rub Fido’s belly over that washing you’ve planned to do for weeks.

means you can have your space but still talk to Fido, so there are no unwanted tantrums.

Boundaries and Training

Our dogs are our furry babies. It can be easy to forget that sometimes you need to set boundaries and lay down the rules of the home. Dog gates are great to remind Fido that you are the Alpha, and that he can’t just whizz through the house like a hurricane. We all know that a well-trained dog is a happy dog (and makes for a happy owner); dog gates are a great tool for this.

Less Mess, More Time For Fun

Dog fur, dog nails and chewed-up toys are all things that you’ll be finding on that weekly house clean. How many times have you had to unclog the hoover due to Little Fido’s mishaps? Having fur babies can be time-consuming and require daily upkeep just so your own house looks habitable.

If you dedicate a room to Fido and set up a dog gate, it means that the mess is focussed in one area (preferably not with a carpet in it). The best part is, the less time you spend fighting the dust (or fur) bunnies, the more time you have to spend on Fido, giving him all the love and fuss he deserves.


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