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Rare Breeds at LondonCats Show

Rare Breeds Star at the LondonCats Show


Thousands of visitors flocked to The LondonCats Show in January and it was the rare breeds on display which proved to be the main attractions. The unusual felines caused quite a stir at the event which took place at the Leatherhead Leisure Centre.

The Lykoi


The star of the show was undoubtedly Shalnavazz Mehri, a Lykoi cat. These amazing animals are also known as werewolf cats and it isn’t difficult to see why. Nine-month-old Shalnavazz Mehri certainly got people talking with his unusual appearance. The cat may look a little scary but this breed is actually known for being very playful and affectionate.


Genetic Mutation


If you have been searching for a feline with looks that will stop people in their tracks, then a Lykoi could be the furry friend for you. Their shaggy coats, hairless feet and hairless faces give them a wolf-like appearance which is quite unlike any other cat that you will have seen. There are only a handful of this designer breed in the UK and their appearance is caused by a genetic mutation.


The Lykoi is a domestic shorthair but the gene mutation means that it lacks all of the necessary components to create hair. Breeders are deliberately continuing the mutation as the breed is proving to be incredibly popular. The cats look a little creepy but are highly intelligent like many oriental breeds and they socialise well. Only one Lykoi has so far been bred in the UK and so if you would like to welcome one into your home, you may be faced with having to import a kitten from France or America.


These cats aren’t cheap either. A good example will set you back as much as £1600 and you could find yourself on a waiting list.

The Marguerite


There were more than 200 different breeds on display at LondonCats. Shalnavazz Mehari was the main attraction but the show also saw the world premiere of am African sand cat cross, also known as the Marguerite. This cat was created by breeders Jacky and Tim Bliss who crossed a wild sand cat with a British crossbreed. There are now 20 of these funky felines, all of which are descendants of a wild cat called Trevor! Marguerites are extremely cute looking kitties with sandy coloured coats and tabby stripes.


One wonders what breeders will come up with next!


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