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Radio Station for Pets?

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Celebrity Launches New Radio Station for Pets

We recently reported that recorded music is now available for pets. But if you are looking for some doggy entertainment for your pooches when they are home alone then why not switch on the radio? One celebrity certainly thinks that pets should have their own station and so has launched Positively Pets.

Uninterrupted Pet Entertainment

Positively Pets is one of 22 new stations which make up Positively Radio, the brainchild of none other than Noel Edmunds. The channel will play music to please pets and this will not be interrupted by news bulletins and advertisements. If you are out and about then you will even be able to upload requests for your animals. The playlist will be partly inspired by Edmunds’ own dog Mr. Chips who has a penchant for classical but who is evidently discovering a love of soul music. Noel Edmunds also has a cat, Mr. Fish, who seems rather indifferent to music. What a surprise!

Helping People and Pets

Mr Edmunds has funded the entire project himself and has no specific plans to monetise the station. He simply wants to offer new forms of entertainment to help people and pets. If you think that the pet idea is a little, well, barking, then you will be delighted to hear that one of the other new stations is called Positively Plants and yes, it features music to help make your plants grow!

A Cure for Insomnia

The other stations appear to be a little more sensible. Positively Sleepy is aimed at helping those suffering from insomnia and Positively Talent showcases the work of undiscovered artists. Talking of talent and artists, whatever happened to Mr. Edmund’s old friend Mr Blobby?

Mr Blobby Abroad

Apparently the giant pink star of Saturday night television is in Spain! At least according to Noel Edmunds who says that Mr. Blobby moved overseas to open a bar but has squandered most of the profits. Mrs Blobby has left him but he is still in Spain regaling his clientele with his anecdotes.

You might find it strange that we associate Mr. Blobby with talent but this most unusual of characters did have a number one hit which outsold Take That. There is no accounting for taste!

Hopefully Mr. Blobby will not appear on Positively Pets, a radio station which may or may not be a great idea. It will have to be you and your pets who decide whether pet radio is a winner or a waste of time.


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