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Puppy Training - Handy Products for Training Your Pup

Whether you’re new to owning a dog, or just find yourself with a new pup on your hands,
there are a host of tools which can be useful in encouraging your pup to be well-behaved.
However, there are so many, it can be overwhelming (as well as expensive!) knowing which
to choose.

The essentials you’ll need:

There are plenty of useful resources and they come in different shapes and sizes. Some are
pretty crucial on your journey to becoming a good trainer and having a well-behaved dog.


Clickers are great to help you train your pup. They are useful because they can be used to
reward any positive behaviour you are training for. The purpose is that they make a distinct
sound your pup can understand. The clicker should be used at the exact moment that your
dog performs a desired behaviour. The sound of a click should always be followed by a
reward. Handheld, on a wrist strap, on a leash, or even as an app on your smartphone,
finding the right clicker is personal - but having a clicker is definitely on our ‘essential
training’ list.


A Dog Lead is a crucial tool in your dog training arsenal – and will continue to be useful
throughout your dog’s life! A training leash is usually four to six feet long and helps your pup
learn to stay close and ‘heel’ during walks, allowing a little slack but not for them to gallop

As your pup learns to ‘heel’, you can move towards the sorts of leads which suit you both
better, whether short leashes or extendable leashes.


When it comes to the question, “carrot or stick?”, we call ‘carrot’ every time! Rewarding good
behaviour is always more productive than punishing bad behaviour, so having a pocketful of
snacks is a great way to encourage Fido to behave. Rewards keep your pup’s interest and
motivation levels high. Treats the size of a blueberry are perfect; not too big, you don’t want
Fido to get too tubby! Don’t forget that high praise can work just as well! You can view our range of treats

Collar & Harness

A Dog Collar and Harnesses are the final ‘essential items’ on our dog training equipment list. A collar
is crucial for clipping your dog’s ID tag onto (in case he ever wanders off alone). A collar is
also important for attaching your lead. A harness is a good option for most pups, as it is
easier for you to guide your little furry friend’s movement without yanking on their neck.

Added extras

Once you’ve got the above basics nailed, these are our next set of great dog training tools:

Portable Mat

Anxiety and sorrow when trying to settle is common in pups who are new to your family.
Routine is important, but you can’t always stick to it. A portable mat, bed or cushion which
you can take with you means they can always feel comfortable and safe. Make sure it’s a
washable, foldable bed that can come with you wherever you go - in the car, on a train, or at
a friend’s house.


Sometimes your pup needs to be contained, whether in one room (with a pet gate), for sleep
(in a cage),or in a playpen. They can assist in behavioural management (limiting pup’s
access to chewing the furniture, for example), can help in toilet training (by keeping them in
certain rooms and spaces) and keeping them away from difficult or out-of-bounds areas of
the house, such as going upstairs or getting excited by visitors in the hallway.


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