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Puppy Socialisation - Top Tips

Young puppies need to experience lots of different things during the early stages of their lives. When you get a new puppy you need to try give them the best start possible. They need to get used to lots of different things so that they don’t become fearful of things and can build up confidence.


They need to be well socialised with people and other dogs as early as possible. Having lots of positive experiences will help them to be more comfortable around humans and dogs. Here are some of the things you should expose your new puppy to.



Some sounds can be quite frightening to a little puppy. Getting them used to lots of different sounds is important when they are young. This includes common sounds around the home such as the washing machine, vacuum cleaner and television and also sounds outside of the home such as police sirens and cars. Try and expose them to all the normal sounds they might hear on a daily basis and give them lots of rewards when they don’t react.


Sights & everyday experiences

Your puppy is beginning to explore a very strange and alien world with lots of confusing things in it. Take your pup out and about as much as possible so that they have lots of different experiences. Don’t just take them to your local park everyday, walk around town and visit lots of different places.


Other dogs

Spending time socialising with lots of other dogs when puppies are young is crucial. They need to get used to spending time with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Take them for regular walks where there are other dogs and meet up with friends who have well behaved, calm dogs that will have a positive influence.


It can also be highly beneficial to take your new puppy to training classes where they can learn some basic training and meet other dogs in a controlled environment.



Meeting a wide range of different people is also important for young pups. They need to meet people other than your family members who live at home and get used to having visitors. Gradually build up to taking them out and about where there are more people. Get people they don’t know to give them treats and they will soon realise humans really aren’t that bad!



People often forget to socialise their dogs with different animals. This needs to be done safely and under strict supervision. Your dog doesn’t necessarily need to interact with other animals unless you have other pets. When out in public they should be able to walk passed them without becoming stressed or over excited. This may not always be possible, it depends on each individual dog. However, the more animals they see and get used to as a puppy the less likely they are to react badly when they grow up.



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