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Puppy Food - Is It Really Needed?

Does my puppy really need Puppy food?

When you own a new puppy it may seem like you have plenty to think about, as well as plenty to buy in order to prepare for your new arrival.

Chew toys, blankets, puppy training pads and even the food they are going to eat. The list can seem to go on and on and so you might wonder if it is necessary to purchase puppy friendly products; here at Time for Paws we know that when it comes to food, puppy really is best!

What is so different about puppy food?

Puppy food, as the name suggests, is a dog food that is specially designed with the delicate needs of your little pooch in mind.

Puppies grow at a rather impressive rate and it is important that every inch of them; from their bones, muscles and joints right up to their immune system and internal organs gets everything it needs from the food.

Puppy food is packed full of nutrients some of which are absent from adult dog food. This includes increased levels of protein (up to 30 per cent more in puppy food) to help with those growing parts!;

How long should my puppy eat puppy food?

To make sure that your puppy has the best start to life it is often said that they should be on a puppy food diet until they are a year old. The only reason that you may be told to change their diet to an adult one is if they are developing too quickly and causing themselves health issues. This will be on the recommendation of your vet.

How often should I feed my puppy?

Up until your puppy is 4 months old it will need to eat 4 meals a day. Once they hit the 4 month mark then you can bring it down to 3 times a day and then at 6 months they can eat twice a day.

So what could happen if I choose to feed my puppy adult food?

You might wonder what is the worst that could happen if you choose to feed your puppy adult food?

Not only will your puppy be taking in far less of some of the nutrients that it needs but this food also can cause them to have digestive issues. Adult dog food is designed to be digestible by older dogs and is often harder on the sensitive tummies of puppies.

Finally, if you choose to feed your puppy dry food then adult kibble is often much larger and has a firmer texture. This can lead to damage to the teeth and jaws of your puppy which may affect them for their entire life.

Here at Time for Paws we love dogs and puppies alike and we want to ensure that the food that you give your pooch is perfect for them. That is why we have put together this article, to ensure you know the importance of puppy food in their development.

You wouldn’t want to eat food that made you feel unwell or was detrimental to your health, so why should your puppy? Take the plunge and purchase puppy food for your pooch and they will thank you for it.


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