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Puppy Farm Scams - Don't Fall For It!

Why People Fall For Puppy Farm Scams

Puppy farms put dogs through misery, yet for some reason, people still buy from them? Why is this? It’s mainly due to a lack of education and awareness, and also because people falsely feel they are helping.

People don’t understand what the process of buying a puppy should involve. Which means often they miss the warning signs, for example, not being allowed to see the mother. Responsible breeders will do certain things that show they are legitimate, and abide by the rules. Puppy farm breeders cut corners, trick buyers and do whatever they can to make as much money as possible.

Another reason why puppy farms are still being funded is because people often think they are helping to save a puppy by buying it. They go and view a puppy and hand over the money because they can’t stand to leave the dog in such poor conditions. We would all want to save a pup in need, but by buying the puppy sadly you are just fuelling the fire.

You are funding their operation by purchasing a dog, which subjects more dogs to misery. You might be saving one puppy, but you are essentially making the problem worse. The best thing to do is walk away and report the puppy farm. A lot of these purchases also end in heartbreak because puppy farm pups often die due to severe neglect and health issues.

There is no doubt about it, it can be extremely difficult to leave a puppy in need behind. We all want to save these dogs, but buying them is not going to solve this problem, it only makes it worse. You have to follow your head over your heart and do the right thing.

Spread the word to your friends and raise awareness about puppy farms, and try and encourage people to refrain from buying from them. The conditions some of these dogs have to live in are terrible, and the mothers are used purely and breeding machines. This is not a business anyone should invest their money in.

There should be more information and education surrounding buying puppies. This would help prospective dog owners find responsible dog breeders and avoid puppy farm scams.

If you are unsure what is involved with buying a puppy, then do some research before meeting with a breeder. This will help you to spot and find responsible dog breeders.


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