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Puppy Collar and Leash Training

Many people believe that puppies are difficult to train, especially when it comes to collar and leash training. However, if done correctly and from a young age they respond to training very quickly.

The most important part is getting the correct pet supplies. For a puppy choose a collar that is fairly soft with padding if possible, although hardwearing enough to ensure they do not damage it or get out of it. A buckle collar is the best for a growing puppy as it can be adjusted as they grow. Ancol do a good range of dog collars which can fit most dogs from puppy up to fully grown dog. The combination of materials ensures they are comfortable for your dog whilst being long lasting and durable. They are also available in a variety of colours.

When first putting a collar on your puppy, ensure it is not too tight. Allow your puppy to get used to having the collar on. Their initial reaction may be lively and they may not appear to like the collar, however they will soon become accustomed to it, so just be patient.

When introducing a lead, ensure you get one which is long enough to allow your puppy to roam; a larger puppy will need a longer lead as they will need more exercise. Spend a few hours on the first day with the lead inside the house, to ensure your puppy gets used to it whilst being in familiar surroundings. Once the puppy is used to the lead, venture out into the back garden until you feel he or she is comfortable.

The next step is to take your puppy on walks. Dogs of all ages love walks so this should be a happy experience for them. Try to stop them running away with the lead by simply stopping and firmly telling them ‘no’. Never drag or pull a dog by its lead. When your dog is well behaved and walks at a good pace reward him or her with treats and tell the dog it has been good.


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