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Protecting Your Pets From The Heat

As summer draws closer it’s time to think about keeping our pets cool. It’s easy for pets to get to get too hot and even get heat stroke. There are a few precautions you need to take if you want to keep your pets safe. Here are our top tips for protecting your pets from the heat.

Don’t leave pets in cars
Do not leave your pets in cars, even with the windows open. In the summer the hot air gets trapped in the car and it can still be too hot even if you have all your car windows open. Pets can die very quickly in hot cars so don’t risk it.

Ventilate your home
When you know your pets are going to be at home during a hot day try and open windows and doors to let cool air in. If you know you are going out make sure you ventilate your home beforehand and do not leave your pets for too long.

Access to fresh water
Ensure your pets always have access to fresh water so that they can keep hydrated.

Provide shelter and shade
Make sure your have the option of sitting in the shade and there are cooler areas in your home where they can rest. Don’t make them stay out in direct sunlight and provide them with something to shelter them from the sun.

Don’t over exercise
During the summer months it’s important not to over exercise your pets. Dogs especially can really suffer from doing too much exercise in the heat. Cut their daily exercise down slightly in the summer and avoid taking your pets out during the hottest times of the day.

Look out for signs of overheating
It’s useful to know the signs of overheating such as sluggishness, bright red gum, excessive panting or heavy breathing, high body temperature, rapid heartbeat and loss of coordination.


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