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Prosthetics For Dogs - Husky Gets 3D Printed Legs

Technology is becoming so advanced that humans can manage with all sorts of debilitating injuries. Prosthetic arms and legs have developed to a point where they are hardly even noticeable, and people can get around with no problem at all.

But what about dogs? It’s not every day that you see a dog with prosthetic legs, but believe it or not it is possible. Vets can do amazing things these days to try and rehabilitate dogs with terrible injuries or birth defects. One incredibly lucky husky has been able to benefit from advances in technology and use prosthetic legs to get around.

Derby was born with underdeveloped front legs, which made it virtually impossible for him to walk. The first family that had him could manage his disability and so he was handed over to a rescue centre. Tara Anderson, the director at 3D Systems just happened to spot Derby and she instantly knew she would be able to find a way to help him.

She first came up with a wheeled cart to help him get around, but this wasn’t very practical and was restrictive so she searched for other solutions. She and her team used a 3D printer, scanner and modelling software to design some prosthetic legs for Derby.

While this was all going on Derby got rehomed with a new family and eagerly awaited his new legs. When he got them it was clear they were far better at facilitating movement and he was able to properly run for the first time. This was a magical moment for Tara, her team, the rescue centre staff and Derby’s new owners. Seeing him so happy and so full of life is inspiring. His new mum, Sherry commented ‘“Incredible because it was his very first time on them and emotional because he was so excited to be running.” Click here to see Derby in action in this heartwarming video.

Hopefully in the future more dogs can benefit from innovations such as this. However, unfortunately not all owners or rescue centres will be able to afford the prosthetic legs Tara was able to provide. She worked in the right industry and so was able to help the dog that won over her heart. Watch this space for more happy, heartwarming success stories.


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