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Products That Will Keep Your Dog Cosy In The Winter

It’s nearly December and temperatures are starting to drop. Sometimes we find it difficult to adjust to the colder weather. It can be the same for dogs, they start to feel the cold and occasionally need a helping hand to keep warm. Dogs with shorter coats tend to suffer with the cold more as they don’t have a thick coat of fur to protect them. Here are some winter dog products that should help to keep them warm through the colder months.

Winter coats

Winter coats are great for dogs that suffer from the cold. They keep them nice and cosy when you have to take them out for walks on the coldest days. You can also get waterproof and wind resistant coats that protect your dog from the elements as well as keep them warm.

to see our range of winter coats.

Warm beds

Dogs love snuggling up in a nice cosy dog bed on a cold winters day. A comfy bed provides them with somewhere to rest and get their temperature back up after walks in the rain, snow and ice. Make sure you place their bed in a warm (but not too hot) area of the house with no drafts. to see our range of beds for dogs.

Pet blankets

Blankets can really help to add some extra heat and comfort. If your dog is feeling a bit chilly you can wrap them up in a thick blanket. Blankets are also great for placing in your dog’s bed to help make it even warmer in the winter.

Winter shoes

Yes, believe it or not you can actually buy shoes for dogs. The snow and ice can take its toll on your dog’s paws. Dogs also struggle walking over grit that is put down to stop roads getting too icy. Keep your dog’s feet warm on winter walks by getting them some winter shoes.

Jumpers for dogs

Jumpers can help keep your dog warm out on walks and also while they are sitting around at home. It’s easy for your dog to get a bit chilly if they are inactive at home and a jumper can help to prevent them from getting a chill. A nice could be just what they need on a freezing winter day.

Dog towels

Dog towels are an essential in the winter. It’s very important to dry your dog off properly when you get back from wet walks. If they stay wet for too long they can develop a chill and will be very uncomfortable. Stock up on dog towels before the winter really sets in. to view our dog towels.


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