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Products For Puppies

Have you got a new puppy? Raising a puppy isn’t easy, there will be lots of challenges along the way. However, there are some helpful products available that can help make puppy training easier. Stock up on some essential puppy products and can give your puppy everything they need to progress with their training and stay happy and healthy. Here are some helpful products for puppies.

Puppy Treats

You can get special puppy treats that are full of beneficial nutrients and puppy friendly ingredients. Treats are very useful when you first start training a new puppy, if your pup is food motivated then they will make quick progress with the right puppy treats. It’s also nice to reward them with healthy treats packed with natural ingredients. You can view some puppy friendly treats here:

Puppy Training Pads

Puppy training pads can be useful when your dog is learning toilet training. They come specially scented so that your puppy can find them easily, and they quickly learn where they should go to the toilet. They are also very absorbent, stopping any leaks onto carpets or floors. You can buy a pack of puppy training pads here

Puppy Toys

Young pups need a great deal of stimulation and interaction when they are growing up and learning new things. Puppies love to chew on things and play with lots of different toys. You can get anything from tug of war ropes and fluffy stuffed toys to puppy bones and kongs which conceal treats. Give your pup the mental stimulation they need by stocking up on some new toys.

Training Lead

Recall training is very important for puppies. They need to quickly learn to stay near you and come back to you on command. This is crucial for safety reasons, and so that you can control your pup in public and when you are out and about. Training leads can help you to do this, you can train your pup to come back to you whilst attached to a long training lead. Then when you feel confident they are ready you can try letting them off.

Mikki Puppy Training Kit

Want a puppy training kit with everything you need to get your puppy training going? Get a Mikki puppy training kit that comes with a clicker, ragger toy, house line, treat pouch and even a training guide. Get your puppy training off to a good start with this comprehensive puppy training kit, click here to order yours


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