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Pro Plan Light Cat Food

The Cat Who Needed Pro Plan Light Cat Food

One of my neighbours has recently moved away taking their two cats with them. I rather miss the brother and sister because to say that they were unusual would be something of an understatement!


Fat Cats

Both cats were enormous! When I first saw them sitting together at the end of their driveway I thought that it was their long coats which made them appear so huge. When I tried to pick one of them up I found otherwise. The cat weighed a ton and I could hardly lift him off of the ground. He was certainly the heaviest cat that I had ever encountered and was clearly incredibly overweight. It didn’t take me long to discover why.

Partners in Crime

The cats were called Bonnie and Clyde! It was Clyde that I had attempted to lift. He was the friendlier of the two. Bonnie was far more reserved and nervous. One day I was astonished to see Clyde trying to squeeze himself through my cat flap. I was terrified that he would become wedged in the opening but he somehow managed to force his way into my kitchen. I was a little surprised that my own cats didn’t chase him out but they seemed curiously unmoved by his presence.

As soon as Clyde gained access to my kitchen he headed straight for the food bowls and ate every morsel in them. This was a bit shocking as I had four cats myself at the time and so there was a lot of food! Clyde then began to visit every day and would always steal all of the food that happened to be around. He would eat literally anything and everything. There was one hilarious episode when I offered him a mixing bowl to lick as I has been whipping cream. He attacked the leftovers with such gusto that he emerged from the bowl completely covered in white blobs!

Clyde was like the terminator with food and did not have an off switch. Most cats will regulate their eating but not Clyde. I became convinced that he had an eating disorder. Something similar to Prader-Willi syndrome in humans. This is a genetic condition which causes sufferers to always feel hungry no matter how much they eat. Bonnie may well have suffered from the same condition but she never visited my house. Perhaps Clyde was leaving all the food at home for her.

Pro Plan Cat food for a Fat Cat

It was clearly necessary to restrict Clyde’s diet but how? His owner had been surprised to discover that the cat was spending so much time in my house. I couldn’t restrict his food because I had to put down meals for my own cats. I tried to stop him eating but he would sneak in during the night. As he knew how to use a cat flap he could access a number of homes close by. He needed to be put on a diet of Pro Plan Light cat food or similar but all the other cats in the neighbourhood would have to join him! My cats like Pro Plan light cat food but it would have been impossible to get everyone to change brands just to suit Clyde’s needs.

The fat cats are no longer my problem as the neighbours have moved and Bonnie and Clyde have gone with them. I often think about Clyde and wonder how he is now. He was quite a character. Even my cats liked him. Perhaps they found him as curious as I did.


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