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Prison Guard Dogs Fall Asleep Whilst on Duty

Prison Guard Dogs Fall Asleep Whilst on Duty


It is clearly vital that inmates are unable to escape from a prison. But the security measures at prisons are not only designed to keep people in. They are also supposed to keep contraband out. Unfortunately, criminals are adept at bypassing security and have proved that they are able to smuggle in drugs, mobiles phones and even weapons.



These days, much of the contraband which makes its way into prisons is flown in by drones. These devices are relatively inexpensive and are being used in large numbers. They don’t make much noise and so are barely noticeable at night which makes life extremely difficult for prison guards.


The Justice Secretary


Justice Secretary Liz Truss was confident that the introduction of guard dogs would stem the problem. Dogs were sent to the much troubled Pentonville Prison in the hope that their barks would alert guards to the presence of drones. But things haven’t gone entirely to plan. The prison has been hit by something of a drone blitz as the dogs have been falling asleep at their posts!


Sleeping Dogs


On one occasion, drones were spotted flying over the prison for an hour but the patrol dogs did not bark. Two drones were seen by members of the public flying over the prison at night whilst the dogs were evidently asleep. The dogs were supposed to deter criminals from attempting to use drones but the tactic clearly wasn’t working.


The drones were seen in the early hours of the morning flying over different wings of the prison but guards only reacted after the calls were made to the emergency services. When the drones were finally tackled by the guards they were not found to be carrying parcels. This almost certainly meant that they had already delivered their cargo. The dogs could be useful but they were not solving the problem completely.


Trouble at Pentonville


Pentonville has suffered several major incidents recently and so it is imperative that drugs and weapons do not find their way into the hands of prisoners. But what else can the authorities do apart from employing guard dogs?


Drone Busting Gun


American firm Droneshield have created a new device called the DroneGun. This sounds like it will blow drones out of the sky! However, that would be rather dangerous in built-up areas! This new device looks like a gun but actually takes control of the drones. It stops them in their tracks and then forces them to land and can also be used to return the craft to its operator. This means that the drones can be tracked and the operators arrested. The technology shows much promise but is very costly so perhaps the dogs will have to stick around at Pentonville for the foreseeable!


The guard dogs could even be joined by eagles. Birds of prey are used by police in Holland to bring down drones around prisons.


Drones are causing a major headache for prison authorities who are struggling to tackle what is rapidly becoming an epidemic. But it looks like it might take a bit more than a few guard dogs to keep the drones out.


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