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Preparing Your Family For A New Dog

Bringing a new dog home is very exciting. Whether it’s a puppy or an older dog you need to make sure everyone is ready. There are things that need to be discussed before your new dog arrives so that everyone is on the same page. You also need to do a few things to ensure your house is ready for a dog. Here are some things you need to consider before bringing nto your home.

Jobs For Everyone

You need to assign specific jobs to different members of the family. If you are bringing a dog into your home then everyone should be prepared to chip in. Decide who is going to do what and when. For examples, feeding the dog, walking the dog, looking after the dog, training, letting the dog out to the toilet. All these things need to be planned otherwise they can cause arguments or your new dog might not get some of the things they need. You could even do a chart and write down everyone’s jobs.


Check Your Home

Before you think about bringing your new dog home you need to give your home a thorough check. Here are some things to do:


  • Check your garden is enclosed
  • Get rid of any potential hazards (electrical cords, chemicals, sharp objects, things you don’t want to be broken)
  • If you don’t want your dog to go into certain areas of your house install baby gates.
  • Remove anything that your dog might be tempted to chew, eat or swallow.


Stock Up

You will need to stock up on all the things your new dog might need. Decide with your family the key things you think your dog will need and order them online so that they arrive in time. This includes things such as a , , , , .


House Rules

What is your dog not allowed to do in the home? You need to agree on some house rules before you get a new dog. For example, is your dog going to be allowed on the sofa? Will they be allowed human food or dog food only? Where is your new dog going to sleep? Agree on some house rules for your pooch and make sure everyone sticks to them.



It’s important to make sure that you are consistent with your training. If everyone in the family is doing different things your dog will get very confused. You need to decide on what commands to use for training purposes. This includes the words that you use such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘come’. Don’t forget about your body language too, if one person points for sit and another person bends down when they say sit you will be sending out mixed signals to your dog.


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