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Premium Puppy Food in Restaurants

Affordable Doggy Menus

In recent years many cities across the globe have seen the opening of restaurants for dogs. Pampered pooches can dine in style on specially created gourmet meals. Some top hotels are also catering for their guest’s animals. Wealthy dog owners can spoil their pets with a la carte menus but what about the rest of us?


Mainstream Restaurants

If you have a modest budget your options are much more limited. So limited, in fact, that you can’t even take your dog into most restaurants, let alone treat it to a meal. But times are changing and the trend for doggy menus is beginning to find its way into the mainstream.

Swedish Experiment

A Swedish restaurant group has recently taken the lead and introduced affordable canine meals. Not only can families take their dogs into the restaurants, they can buy them a nice meal. Owners can choose either cod or organic beef for their pets and the doggy meals cost the equivalent of just £4.20. The Avenyfamiljen restaurants in Gothenburg are even offering an imitation beer to accompany the special meals. The doggy beer is made from beef stock.

Dog food and Premium Puppy Food

The restaurant group buys the doggy meals from a luxury pet food company rather than serving human food which seems like a sensible idea. The dogs can join the family on an evening out but still receive the right nutrition. The restaurants also offers choices for puppies. This is a really good idea as puppies have specific nutritional needs and premium puppy food is the best way to meet them.

Providing premium puppy food also means that young dogs do not become accustomed to eating human food or special dishes that they wouldn’t usually have access to.

The restaurants’ introduced the dog food and puppy food two years after their decision to welcome dogs into their establishments. They then started to offer bowls of water and the meals were a natural progression.

Dining with your Pet

Whilst restaurants for dogs are largely the preserve of the wealthy and cater to extravagant owners, the Avenyfamiljen restaurants are merely enabling ordinary people to dine out without having to leave their pets at home. This is a sensible commercial move which really helps dog owners and it would be helpful if more restaurants welcomed dogs. It is more difficult to understand why anyone would feel the need to take their pooch to a dog restaurant.

For the Image Conscious

Dogs don’t need these establishments and the restaurants are undoubtedly catering to the image conscious nature of the owners rather than the needs of their pets. We live in a materialistic, image conscious world and this has led to people’s dogs becoming an extension of their need to flaunt. More and more owners are treating their dogs more like fashion accessories than pets. The dogs don’t need expensive meals, beauty parlours and designer coats. But the owners clearly do as these establishments have been a huge success.


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