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Pets That Need Protection In The Winter

Pets That Need Protection In The Winter

As we enter the coldest part of the winter, pet owners should be taking precautions to protect their pets. Some pets suffer from the cold more than others, and need a helping hand to get through the winter. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to ensure your pet is adequately protected from cold and severe weather conditions. The last thing you want is for your pets to be uncomfortable and chilly this winter. Here is a small selection of some of the pets that need protection in the winter to make sure they stay safe and well.



Dogs shouldn’t be left outside in the cold for too long. Some breeds cope a lot better in the cold weather, but others can get cold pretty quickly. You might need to get your dog a coat or a jumper to protect them from the elements and keep them warm enough when you are out and about, and in some cases around the home. Make sure you always dry your dog off properly in the winter so they don’t catch a chill.


If you have rabbits that live outdoors, you may want to keep a close eye on them in the winter. It may get too cold for them to be outside, if the temperature really drops they you might want to bring them inside for a few days.

On some chilly days rabbit owners should  consider covering their rabbit’s cage with a few blankets to provide some insulation. Check their hutch for holes in the wales where the cold air could be getting through and fix them right away. Add extra layers of newspaper and hay in the winter to help keep your rabbit warm. If you're really worried about them getting chilly, you can purchase special heat pads.

The same goes for other small animals that live outside and need to be protected, such as Guinea Pigs.


Although horses spend most of the year outside, they still need a helping hand to stay warm enough. They should have access to a barn, stables or a three-sided run so that they have shelter from the cold. Without adequate shelter from the elements they will struggle to get through the winter. You might also want to get your horse a coat, rug or some blankets to keep them warm. Make sure your horse always has access to unfrozen water so they don’t get dehydrated.


It isn't just our furry pets that need protection in the Winter! If you have a pond you need to make sure it doesn’t completely freeze over. If it does freeze over then harmful gases can become trapped. To solve this problem you can floating pond balls that prevent your pond from totally freezing over. In colder temperatures, fish have a slower metabolism which means they are better off with winter pond food that’s easier to digest.


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