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Pets for Kids – Which are Most Suitable?

If you’re looking to broaden your brood and think your son or daughter is up for some very special responsibility, a pet could be an excellent addition for your household.

Read on to discover which of our furry friends make the best pets for kids:


Hamsters are members of the rodent family and have a lifespan of around two to three years. They’re small in size and relatively easy to look after, making them the ideal first pet. You’ll need a cage to keep them in which should be kitted out with a house, running wheel, food bowl and water bottle. Ensure you line the cage with sawdust or wood shavings (you can pick up a big from our website) and fill the house with nesting material such as shredded paper. And don’t forget to keep those toilet roll tubes as hamsters love to crawl through them!


Like hamsters, gerbils are also rodents. They have a lifespan of around two to eight years, depending on the breed. You’ll need a cage for your gerbil, equipped with a house, wheel, food bowl and water bottle. These small creatures are incredibly sociable so it’s best to keep them in same-sex pairs. Gerbils are highly active and don’t mind being handled so will provide lots of entertainment for older children.


Believe it or not, rats make fantastic pets. Intelligent and lively, they enjoy being handled and even tickled, so young children will love them. Although they need a large cage and require daily exercise, they are relatively low maintenance and, contrary to popular belief, incredibly clean species. As they are highly social, they like to have a buddy nearby so it’s important to keep them in pairs.

Guinea Pigs

If you have a little more space, guinea pigs make ideal cuddly companions. Guinea pigs prefer to be out of the hullabaloo in a hutch outside but they can also be kept inside if your home is quiet. Hutches need to be weatherproof, kept out of direct sunlight and ideally have two compartments: one for sleeping, and the other for eating, drinking and playing. You can pick up all the such as bedding, food and toys from our website. Please be aware that guinea pigs like to live with a fellow friend or rabbit.



Rabbits are especially suited to small children as they’re easier to hold than rodents. With a lifespan of around seven years and a multitude of breeds to choose from, there is a bunny to suit every household.  Like guinea pigs, they’re usually kept outside in a hutch but can be kept indoors too. Ensure you have plenty of space for your furry friend to exercise in.  This can be in the form of a run or you can create your own supervised pen.  Kids will love the responsibility of keeping a watchful eye on their new family member.


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