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Pet products for kittens

Domestic and wild cats have a large brain, sleek body and can stalk a mouse or other unsuspecting animal to satisfy their hunger.

Food manufacturers have to present enough nutrition in their pet food, whether it is out of a tin or a packet. Both are available from an online pet store or local pet stores.

Kittens need to take more food in proportion than adult cats as they need more protein, fat and calories to ensure good bones and healthy growth. Feed your kitten twice a day until it is six months old.

It is essential you choose food which has been specially prepared for a kitten. Adult cat food will hamper your kitten’s growth.

Wet food can go off quickly and dry food can be left down all day. However you run the risk of your kitten eating too much and putting on weight too quickly.

When you collect your kitten it is a good idea to ask about its diet and not to change its meals to a different pet food until settled in to its new environment.

Caution: If you decide to change your kitten’s meals the timescale should be slow over a period of two weeks. Changing a kitten’s diet may result in diarrhoea.


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