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Pet Owners - How To Prepare For Fireworks Night

Every year we celebrate bonfire night with fireworks displays. Skies all over the country are illuminated with stunning displays. Although us humans love fireworks, not all our pets feel the same. It can be a very stressful time for our pets.

They hear the loud bangs generated by the fireworks and get confused and scared. It's important to take the necessary steps to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Here are some ways to prepare for fireworks night if you have pets.


● Make sure someone will be in. Never leave pets on their own on bonfire night.


● Create a safe place for your pet. Find an area in your house where they feel safe and provide them with some bedding.


● Keep pets inside at all times (unless they permanently live outside).


● Make sure they can’t escape. Pets can become spooked easily on bonfire night and run off when they hear fireworks.


● Consider trying natural remedies such as diffusers and calming collars. Click here for dog calming products and here for cat calming products.


● Shut the curtains and blinds so your pets can’t see outside and get spooked by the flashes of light.


● Walk dogs before sunset so that you are not outside when the fireworks go off.


● Try and drown out the noise of fireworks by playing music or putting the television on.


● Cover cages of pets that live outside with blankets and provide extra bedding for them to curl up in.


● If your pet suffers badly seek professional advice. Some pets get so terrified they can harm themselves. In these cases it’s worth speaking to a trainer.


● Make sure your pets have identification in case they do escape.


● Provide their favourite treats and toys to distract them and make them feel at ease.


● Don’t react to any fearful behaviour by comforting them as this makes them think something is wrong. Leave them alone and only intervene if they are causing themselves harm.


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