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Pet Memes: Vote For Your Favourite

Here at GJW Titmuss we love a good animal Meme, and for those who are unsure of what this is, take a look at the following explanation:

"An image, video, piece of text etc. typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations." ()

The problem is there are too many to choose from:

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Calling All Animal Lovers


This is why we need your help to choose the best animal Meme. To make it a little easier, we have chosen our favourite 10 Memes and explained why we think they deserve the number one spot; but the deciding vote is yours!

Here's our top 10:


1. Yippee! It's Friday!


With excitement in his eyes and ears flapping in the wind, this pup is showing the exact emotion we all feel when we know the weekend is about to start.

(Image Source: )


2. Life Is Awesome


When things just seem to fall into place, the Sun is shining and you have the biggest smile on your face, sometimes all you can say is "Life is Awesome."


(Image Source: )


3. Throwing The Ball


We have always wondered what dogs are thinking, especially on long walks or playing fetch. Think about it, to us it’s all good fun and great exercise, but for our dogs… well we think this sums it up nicely:


(Image Source: )


4. Is It Monday?


That feeling of freedom on a Friday night is fantastic (just look at our first Meme), but it would appear that the Grumpy Cat would prefer to see us back in the office as soon as possible:


(Image Source: )


5. Ribbons!


As the festive season is upon us, we can look forward to sharing intimate moments with friends and family, exchanging gifts and enjoy great food and drink. For cats, this season provides a unique opportunity to receive a constant supply of new toys:


(Image Source: )


6. Maybe It's Neighbelline


We have all seen the adverts:
"Maybe she's born with it"
"Because I'm worth it"

However, have you ever thought what the animal equivalent would be? We think we have found the answer and the perfect model too.


(Image Source: )


7. You're Home Early


Sometimes we have to leave our pets on their own for a short while, but have you ever wondered what they get up to when you're away? This should provide some answers:



(Image Source: )


8. I Can't Hear You


Children and teenagers alike will do anything to blank out what their parents are telling them, but it would also appear that hamsters are also prone to try the old "I can't hear you" trick:


(Image Source: )


9. I Want To Be A Penguin


Haven't we all looked at a celebrity, sports personality, or even a musician and thought - I would love to have that life? Humans aren't the only ones to have aspirations:


(Image Source: )


10. Problem?


Even in the Animal Kingdom there are drama queens, and this cool cat shows how to deal with them in a sophisticated manner…


(Image Source: )


Voting Time!


So there you have it, our top 10 animal memes from across the Internet. So which one is your favourite? Vote for your favourite in the poll below and let us know on or too.

The winning Meme will be announced on our Facebook page soon; get voting!

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