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Pet food and rabbits

Rabbits are a popular pet with small children and yet it is taken for granted they like to eat lettuce or carrots as their main meal.

Pet food has a variety of food to give a rabbit fibre, protein and fat which is essential in keeping a rabbit healthy.

Fibre is very import to a rabbit on a daily basis and pet supplies are good at offering advice and information on the products they sell.

Rabbits are known as hindgut fermenters and they depend on bacteria they have in their large intestine to break down fibre to give them the fibre they require.

Both domestic and wild rabbits will graze on leaves and if given the choice will munch on lettuce instead of the pet food pellets which are better for them. Rabbit pellets are essential in building up their bones and avoiding dental problems.

Good fresh food such as apples, raw potatoes and carrots can be fed as a treat but do not replace the essential pet food which should be the main part of their diet.

A rabbit will love to nibble its way through nice clean hay.

A bottle of water fastened in the rabbit’s cage is essential for a rabbit at all times.

Check your online pet store for further information.


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