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Pedigree Dog Food and Fuggles

I so rarely find a restaurant that I really like that when I do stumble across one I just keep going back. Call me boring if you wish but I say better the devil you know!

I have grown sick and tired of poor food, unwarranted prices and disappointing service. Almost every restaurant seems to be afflicted by one of these issues. It is also quite nice if you can eat in pleasant surrounding but a great view usually comes with an unappealing price tag.

The Mill at Elstead

I discovered the Mill at Elstead by accident. I was in the area looking for a Christmas tree. I know that the Surrey countryside sounds like a weird place to be looking for one of those. But there is an excellent Christmas tree farm in Elstead where I managed to find the perfect specimen. On the way to the farm I had passed an attractive looking restaurant and decided that it might be worth visiting for lunch.

When I pulled into the car park I already sensed that I might have discovered somewhere rather special. You certainly couldn’t beat the location. The Mill is an old mill house situated in an incredibly picturesque location on the river bank. I didn’t get too excited, though. Many a great looking restaurant trades on its view rather than the quality of the food.

Homemade Food

As it turned out, my lunch of homemade soup was first class. The interior of The Mill was as attractive as its gardens and the service was excellent. The food was reasonably priced as well. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that The Mill welcomes dogs, although they had not extended their service to a canine menu.

The Cute Cockapoo

As I was relaxing and enjoying my visit I spied a particularly cute cockapoo wandering about. This little charmer proved to be extremely friendly and was wandering around meeting the clientele. He belonged to the restaurant and went by the name of Fuggles. I was quite surprised that Fuggles wasn’t enormously overweight. A friendly dog doing the rounds of the tables in a restaurant seemed like a recipe for obesity!

Pedigree Dog Food or Sirloin Steak?

I thought that Fuggles’ owners must be particularly judicious regarding his diet. Either that or they had trained him well. He didn’t actually seem that bothered about the food on offer. Perhaps he had been taught not to beg! I couldn’t imagine that his Pedigree dog food or whatever he was being fed was a better option than the steak being enjoyed on the next table. Perhaps Pedigree dog food is more delicious than it looks!

I have visited The Mill on many occasions since that first visit. There are always plenty of dogs in the restaurant. Probably because their owners have struggled to find anywhere else where they can take them. I always enjoy seeing the lovely Fuggles who is definitely one of the best behaved dogs that I have ever encountered. Which is more than can be said for the little chap I met there this week.

He decided to throw a ball under my table and jam it under the radiator. I ended up on my hands and knees under my table trying to retrieve it.

If you are looking for a great meal in fabulous surroundings and would like to take your dog then you can do a lot worse than the Mill at Elstead.


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