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Orijen Dog Food and Revenge

Responsible dog owners are always careful about picking up their pooches’ poo but there are some people who simply don’t bother. This seriously impacts other people’s enjoyment of public footpaths and parks. It can also mean that the people affected get very annoyed and some feel the need to exact revenge on the

Dogs Targeted in Rochdale

It has emerged that someone is trying to poison dogs who visit a playing field in Rochdale. Dog owner Sue Hancox examined a chicken leg picked up by her dog Rosie only to find that it had been laced with poison and nails. Sue realised that all was not well when she saw that there was something blue inside the meat.

Ms Hancox had only inspected the meat because she was already concerned following a previous incident. Last year her dog had become ill following a walk at the playing fields. A trip to the vet revealed that Rosie had poison in her system. Rosie needed surgery but eventually recovered.

Sausages and Chicken Legs

Following the episode with the chicken leg it became obvious that local dogs were being targeted and possibly due to the few who do not clear up their pets’ mess. Another dog owner reported finding sausages with nails in them and yet another dog was found to have been poisoned. A cat living adjacent to the playing fields has now gone missing. The RSPCA have visited the site and conducted a search but no further suspicious food has been found.

Cruel Intentions

Whoever is behind the poisoning could be in big trouble if they are eventually caught. This type of offence carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison and/or a £20,000 fine. Ouch!

It is hard to imagine how anyone could be so cruel. The mess isn’t the dogs’ fault, it is the owners who are to blame. Perhaps if the revenge attacks are to be stopped the authorities should do more to catch lazy dog owners in the act. Failing to pick up poo can have serious consequences and clearly inspires a great deal of rage. Then innocent dogs become the unfortunate victims.

Orijen Dog Food or Sausages

Whoever is behind the attacks has been careful to leave tasty treats that the dogs wouldn’t be able to resist. If they had left dog food laced with poison, even the finest dog food like Orijen or Acana, the dogs might not have been so enthusiastic but what dog could resist sausages? However, leaving food that the dogs could pick up and take to their owner may have been a tactical error! If it had been Orijen dog food that was laced with poison then the dogs may have simply eaten it without the owners knowing. Then the source of the poison would have been a lot less obvious.

It is clear that dog owners should always remain vigilant and should report any incidents of poisoning immediately. It equally clear that owners must clear up after their dogs.


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