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Orijen Cat Food for Champions

Why Orijen Cat Food?

There are a plethora of pet foods to choose from when you are trying to source the right diet for your feline friend. Cats can vary in their needs and tastes and so it could pay dividends to examine your options carefully. You may also have ethical and environmental concerns and require a cat food which reflects these. One brand which you should certainly consider is Orijen, a premium brand from Champion Petfoods of Canada.

What’s Different about Orijen Cat Food?

Champion are proud to make pet foods which are biologically appropriate™ from fresh regional ingredients. But what does that mean? Basically Champion believe that our domestic cats are like their ancestors and so should eat like them. Cats evolved as hunters and their physical attributes including their teeth, jaws and digestive systems mean that they are carnivores which benefit from a protein rich diet. In short, they evolved to thrive on a diet of meat and fish.

The Natural Diet Orijen cat food mirrors the variety of meats that cats evolved to eat in the wild together and also possesses their freshness and richness. These meats are complemented by nutritious liver, tripe and bone marrow and in proportions which reflect the cat’s natural diet. Cats eat the whole prey! High-glycemic carbohydrates and plant proteins that don’t belong in the cats’ diets are excluded from these premium foods.

Unique Cooking Processes

Orijen cat food is manufactured using unique processes which distinguish this range from other pet foods. The innovative cooking methods have earned Champion many industry awards. The foods are made from local ingredients and from animals which are sustainably raised. The meats are fit for human consumption and are delivered to the Champion kitchens fresh every day. This means that Orijen cat foods are always highly palatable and simply bursting with flavour.

Complete Control

Unlike most pet foods the Orijen range is manufactured in Champion’s own kitchens. Champion make Orijen themselves because they wish to retain control over every aspect of the production process. Champion control how the ingredients are farmed or fished, how they are cooked and how they are packaged. You can be sure that the quality of Orijen food is consistent over time.

Orijen don’t make food for other companies and won’t allow the food to made anywhere other than in their own kitchens.

Orijen Cat Food at Time for Paws

Orijen cat food takes pride of place in our range here at Time for Paws. Orijen and Orijen Fish is suitable for cats of all ages including kittens and provides a tasty, nutritious, high protein diet that will help your cat to thrive. Orijen is a no fuss, every day dietary solution that your cat will adore and which you can truly rely on. Ethical, sustainable, nutritious and delicious, Orijen cat food could be the purrfect choice!

Check out the Orijen cat food range at Time for Paws today where you will find the best prices and the most efficient service!


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