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Online Pet Store Convenience for All

Thank Goodness for an Online Pet Store!

As a teenager I used to offer babysitting services to earn some extra cash. Those were the days before CRB checks and various other red tape prevented enterprising youngsters from earning a crust! I l had already gained a couple of clients when my aunt asked if I would be interested in looking after her friend’s baby overnight when she had to go away on business.

Naturally I jumped at the chance of earning extra money and so I accepted the job. I had not been told that this work would involve a few extra duties!


The Unexpected Hounds

When I arrived for my first evening at the house I was shocked to discover that in addition to a ten month old baby, I would be minding two Afghan Hounds! My aunt hadn’t thought the dogs would be an issue as she knew that I loved animals. The dogs turned out to be more trouble than the baby!

My immediate concern was keeping the enormous dogs away from baby Rachel. This proved to be difficult as the dogs liked the baby and made a beeline for her at every opportunity. I was terrified that they would bite her or smother her. My fears were probably unfounded but I didn’t want a tragedy to happen on my watch.

My second problem was obtaining any peace. If I sat down to watch the TV or to study, the dogs would immediately jump onto the sofa. With the two hounds on the couch there was no room for me! A battle for territory ensued until we came to an understanding that the sofa was for humans and the nice rug on the floor was a suitable place for dogs.

Feeding Regime

Then there was the food and boy could they eat! I looked at the large bags of kibble in the kitchen and wondered how much these dogs must be costing their owners. Then, on my second stay, I discovered a note with some cash asking me to buy the dog food because the owner hadn’t had time to get it before having to rush up to Manchester for a meeting.

I didn’t have a car because I was only 15 years old. There was a pet store nearby and so I headed up there but it was difficult to carry such a lot of dog food and to push a pram at the same time. The internet hadn’t been invented then. It would have been so much easier if there had been an online pet store as I could have had the food delivered. The episode made me resolve never to have two large dogs or a baby. At least not at the same time!

The Convenience of Online Pet Stores

I never did have two large dogs or a baby but at one stage I had seven cats and online pet stores came in very handy then! If you don’t have a car it is difficult to carry large volumes of pet food. Even if you do have a car you can save time and money ordering online. I think that I have did have two large dogs and a baby I would order everything online. Going out is simply too much hassle to even think about leaving the house!


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