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Office Dog - Why Having Dogs At Work is Amazing

Have you ever brought your dog to the office or worked somewhere that has an office dog? Every dog lover will appreciate the reasons for bringing their furry companions to the office. We understand not everyone will be thrilled about having pooches in the office, but do take a moment to consider how it could benefit you and your office. Here are seven reasons why having dogs in the office is the best idea ever.

  1. Lunchtime walks with your pooch

Bringing your dog to work or having a dog at work can save you time! On your lunch break you can stay fit and active, especially if you usually lead a sedentary lifestyle, by taking the dog for a walk. This will give you a reason to take a much needed break where you may not usually instead of taking the dog for a morning walk. The dog will be happier and so will you!

Research suggests that a walk at lunchtime can reduce stress but also boost creative thinking! Everyone will also be encouraged to share the care. So they will all want to bring in food or pet toys which promotes a caring and happy environment. Following on from this it may even encourage team building exercises involving the exercise and care of the dog including a dog walking club.


  1. It can help you become more confident

Bringing people together through their love of all things furry and cute or any shared loves for that matter is a particularly good idea at work. If there is an office dog around or you bring one in it forces people to connect and network and could lead to the sharing of ideas and boosting of productivity. It can also encourage bonding or even office romances. Furthermore, bonding over a cute pet is healthy as you are face to face with people and promoting interaction instead of being hunched over a computer screen also talking to your colleague, who sits next to you, via email.


  1. A range of balanced, happy employees

Another good reason would be that certain types of employees may be attracted to apply for a job at the company. Carefree young fresh thinkers love the idea of a flexible job and if they come to interview and are invited to pet the office dog they will not only be enamoured with the dog but will assume that there is a healthy and relaxed environment and equal work play balance. Having a dog at the office shows you are ok to deviate from the norms and this in turns attracts a balanced employee.


  1. Social media

Taking photos or your company’s social media accounts can attract business! There’s not many who can’t appreciate a playful photograph with the office pet. It’s a fun way of promoting your business but also shows potential business partners or customers that the company is fun. The same is true when you invite customers or business associates to the office as a relaxed environment is then presented.


  1. Beat the blues

Man’s best friend can become someone’s best friend. There are always particular times of the year where work is harder or busier or some people suffer with the ‘winter blues’ or go through bad periods. If the office dog is around he or she can improve morale and reduce stress levels as the dog is a welcome distraction to an ever increasing workload. They also encourage work bsessed colleagues to take a break as most people will spend their full day working and not take  break. If you are on a diet or busy, the dog can double as an office vacuum i.e. ‘clearing’ up unwanted or spilt food.


  1. More time at work

It can encourage people to spend more time at work. This may be good depending on the way you see it and the work play balance has to be taken into account here. Obviously they want to see the dog and they want to make sure it has the love and affection you may afford upon your own family pet or loved ones. More time at work means more work done and so the business performs better and the employee is much happier to be at work. In addition, when you are working late they can keep your company.


  1. Productivity

Having Fido around just might boost staff productivity. Sure, they might spend the odd five minutes having some cuddles with their dog, but it will boost their mood and motivation. If everyone is in a better more they are more likely to work harder and do an excellent job.

So the overwhelming conclusion is that bringing your dog to the office or having an office dog around is beneficial to not only yourself and your wellbeing but your colleagues, for employee relations, marketing and PR purposes and for attracting new talent.

It’s also beneficial for dogs in that they grow in confidence in social situations by getting used to a variety of different people. The office environment can be a stimulating experience for a dog as they explore new territories. Try and bring your dog to the office today to see if you feel more productive. Your colleagues may thank you for it at least.


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