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No Grain Dog Food and Humanizing Dogs

Doggy Spas, No Grain Dog Food and canine Beer - Are You Humanising Your Pet?

People are increasingly treating their pets like a member of the family. Cats, dogs and other small mammals play an important role in family life and are increasingly provided with care which mirrors human tastes and practices. But why the trend?

Disposable Incomes and Childless Families

These days many pet owners have generous disposal incomes and so perhaps pamper their pets simply because they can. In the developed world families tend to be smaller than they used to be and many couples choose to remain childless. For some, pets are like substitute children and are treated to an exceptional level of care and luxury. The trend for humanisation may also be due, in part, to the popularity of small animals.

Smaller Animals

Research has shown that cats and small dogs are more likely to be humanised than larger species. Small breeds have become extremely popular in recent years as they are better suited to urban living, busy lifestyles and smaller homes.

Meeting Expectations

Entrepreneurs have clearly seen the opportunities presented by the growing desire to humanise pets and have started offering new products and services to meet pet owner’s aspirations. You can take your dog to a canine restaurant, treat your pooch to a trip to the doggie spa and invest in a dazzling array of pet fashions to adorn your furry friend. You can even provide your pooch with a tasty tipple of doggy beer and some no grain dog food if you feel the need.

Natural Ingredients, No grain dog food and Free Range Poultry

As more people have become concerned about healthy living and the nature of their food, so have they sought out a healthy diet for their pets. Pet foods featuring free range poultry and natural ingredients have certainly risen in popularity as have grain free dog foods and pet foods produced from locally sourced ingredients. Owners are clearly showing a desire to mirror new dietary trends in their choice of pet food and so doggies and moggies have never had it so good.

Love and Appreciation

Whether the animals concerned truly appreciate their owner’s efforts is another question. Many pets develop exceptional bonds with their owners. Whilst they undoubtedly enjoy love, affection and a comfortable home, they probably aren’t too worried about the spa treatments, designer coat and specialist beverages. Animals thrive on a good diet and the right amount of exercise and generally have little interest in fashion.

It seems that the success of many pet services and products has more to do with their appeal to owners rather than their animals. A high-end designer coat might make a dog owner feel good and engender a little pride but the dog would probably rather jump in the local river and get dirty!

If you humanise your pet then you are unlikely to do much harm and certainly by providing a healthy diet you could be doing a great deal of good. Some of the products and services that you might feel the need to indulge in could be somewhat less effective in making a tangible difference to your pet’s life.


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