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New York’s Luxury Hotel for Dogs

Dogs can get a rough deal when their owners are away. They are often removed from their comfortable home and left in kennels which are much less cosy. Some pets become extremely distressed and who can blame them? You wouldn’t like to be left in a bleak kennel whilst the rest of the family headed for the beach, now would you?

Pooches in the Big Apple

But the pooches of New York have better options than most - if their owners can afford them! The D Pet Hotel in Chelsea is possibly the city’s most luxurious hotel for dogs and offers suites for pampered pets to relax in while their owners are otherwise engaged. The hotel offers boarding, day care, spa treatments and grooming services. Clients include lawyers, bankers, pop stars and movie stars. What a surprise!

But how much does it cost to board a pooch at the D Pet Hotel?

The Cost of Boarding Your Dog

Prices start at $84 per night for a standard suite complete with orthopaedic bed and 32-inch flat screen TV! That doesn’t sound very standard at all does it? Alternatively, owners can reach deeper into their pockets and shell out $120 per night for a Sensational Suite with raised day bed. The Uber Suite offers the ultimate luxury with a full-sized double bed and 42-inch TV and costs $200 per night. Wow! What dog wouldn’t enjoy a stay in there?

Superior Pet Care

The hotel’s owners provide 24-hour a day care for the pets and endeavour to make the hotel feel like home for their canine guests. There’s a doggy gym complete with treadmill which is rather brilliantly called Pant. This enables the lucky mutts to exercise but the dogs do get walked if it becomes obvious that only time outdoors will satisfy them.

Many of the dogs’ wealthy owners have private chefs and so do their dogs! These pampered pets receive their and the hotel staff are happy to provide their regular treats and even to hide these if the dogs are used to searching for a snack.

Only the Best Will Do

Like all of the best establishments, the D Pet Hotel won’t allow just any dog to spend time in its luxury suites. All potential guests must pass a temperament test before they are permitted to put even one paw through the door.

If they pass the test, the dogs can look forward to playing with other refined guests and making use of the indoor dog parks. Pawdicures are on offer for those who take pride in their appearance and pooches get read a bedtime story when it’s time to snooze.

Too Expensive?

It all sounds rather wonderful, doesn’t it? Expensive though! Would you be prepared to pay for luxury accommodation for your furry friend or do you feel that their time in the kennels teaches them to appreciate life at home a little more? We think that most owners would love to treat their pooch to the Uber Suite but a stay there would cost more than most people spend on their own holiday! It’s dog’s life, isn’t it?




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