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New Years Resolutions For Dog Owners

It’s coming up to New Year when we make resolutions for the year ahead. If you are a dog owner then why not make some resolutions for you and your dog? As pet owners there are sometimes things we forget to do or feel we could do more of for our pets. Some of these resolutions may not apply to you at all, but one or two might. A few of the resolutions could benefit you as well as your dog. Here are some New Year’s Resolutions for dog owners. 


Try New Walks

It’s easy to carry on doing exactly the same walk every day. Not only does this get a little repetitive for your dog, it can be boring for you too. Try and take your dog somewhere new in 2014 and start exploring lots of different dog walks.

 Walk For A Bit Longer

Life always seems to be busy and there is never enough time in the day. Sometimes dog walks can be rushed or cut short because of time constraints. Next year try and organise your time so that your dog gets nice long walks on a daily basis. It’s fine to cut the occasional walk short but in general try to increase the amount of time you walk for, unless your dog is elderly or injured.

Check Your Dog’s Diet

More and more dogs are becoming overweight in Britain because they are being overfed by owners. It’s also very tempting to feed dogs lots of leftover food and treats over the Christmas holidays. If you have spoiled your dog a little too much over Christmas then get them back on track in 2014 by giving them a strict diet.

 One on One Time With Your Dog

Make some time in the New Year for some one on one time with your dog. Spend time doing training and playing with your dog. This will really enhance your bond and help to give them the mental stimulation they need. You will both enjoy spending quality time together and feel the benefits.

 Try A New Activity

There are so many different activities you can enjoy with your dog. If you haven’t tried agility, Cani X, Flyball or training classes then get your dog booked in for 2014. They will gain so much from going to one of these fun activities and you will enjoy it too.

 Attend An Event

If you are dog crazy then why not treat yourself next year and book tickets to go to a dog event such as Crufts, Discover Dogs or a local dog show. You will get to meet lots of different dogs and learn so much about your favourite pet.

 Keep On Top Of Grooming

Make sure you keep on top of grooming next year, whether that means doing it yourself or taking your dog to the groomers. Make sure they are well brushed and comfortable, and they will look fantastic too!

 Help A Rescue Centre

If you are passionate about dogs then why not volunteer at a local rescue centre? If you haven’t got the time to volunteer then donate some supplies or treats for the dogs. You could also consider fostering dogs that need a break from the kennels if you have the space to do so.


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