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New Years Resolutions For Cats

New Years Resolutions For Cats

If cats could make New Years Resolutions, what would they be? They may not want to give up some of these behaviours, but realise maybe they should if they want to be a better cat in 2016. Some of these things get cats into trouble, but remain an important part of their character. We have had a think, and here are some things that cats might put on their list of resolutions.

I will not bring home dead animals as gifts for my owner, they never seem that amused.
I will not intentionally knock everything over.
I will resist the temptation to scratch at the sofa, and will endeavor to use my scratching post instead.
I will not roam for longer than a day or so, or longer than usual, as this makes my owner worried.
I will try not to get into as many territorial fights with the neighbouring cats as last year.
I will not get stuck in ridiculous places causing my owner to call the fire brigade.
I will not pounce on my owner and house guests when they least expect it, even if it is fun.
I will try not to scratch my owner and keep my paws to myself.
I will try and stop bullying the dog, but I can’t make any promise. Cats rule, dogs drool.
Nap even more often, because naps are awesome.
Try and exercise more when I go out on adventures.
I will play with my toys more often rather than being lazy.


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